Est. 2014 - Ka5thleen is where you will find me chatting away about all things wonderful and life related.

I am Kathleen, a bohemian city girl, avid tea drinker, picture taker, youtuber & blogger. I am the founder and writer of this tiny space you have stumbled upon on the big wide net, KA5THLEEN.com.

I am currently situated in the heart of Edinburgh with my little furry friend and “puppy-dog”, Lottie. I have a passion for photography and believe that in the future I will travel the world, doing what I love most; taking pretty pictures and writing.

If you are wondering how I came up with the name of my blog, I have been a huge fan of Vanessa Hudgens since I can remember. When I heard she was one of the main characters in the up and coming movie Bandslam back in 2009, I knew I had to see it. Long story short, she played the character of Sa5m, “the 5 is silent”, and I used it was the greatest, smartest thing ever. Afterwards I kind of adopted the idea and soon @KoolKat17 became @Ka5thleen. Little did I know after 5 years of what started off as a username, it would be the start of something new, something much bigger. (And no, 5 is not my lucky number or anything of great significance. But 17 is though *wink*)

Lastly, I have just launched a new site, Living a life with... where I will be revealing and posting about the more private aspects of my life that I have not shared before. So definitely check that out.

I do love and appreciate every single reader as I know I can be a bit of a waffler sometimes, so it makes me happy to think that there are people out there wanting to read what I write. If you ever want to get in touch, you can do so via social media or email (visit the contact page).

Thank you from the bottom of my blue heart💙(favourite colour and emoji),

( Because five-ever is longer than forever!)


  1. Wonderful personality and is similar ... Vanessa Hudgens haha :)

  2. Nice blog, Kathleen. I just stumbled here and now am reading some of your posts :D keep it up