28 February 2014

February Favourites!

'Aussie' Take The Heat leave in spray

This product I use all the time! I love it a lot and you cannot go wrong with it. 'Take the Heat' is a protective spray that helps to protect your hair against the styling heat whilst smoothing it when using straighteners. You apply it liberally through towel dried hair from the roots to the end and then comb it through. Then finally blow dry it. (I often finish off using my GHDs)
I got it in a '3 for £10 deal' so I also got the Aussie Miracle Shine shampoo and conditioner as well but the retail price of this single product is £4.99 and i would say it is money well spent!


My next product is....

'Bouriois' Effect Lumiere Trio - Les Argents 46

Now. This product is a fairly old one and is no longer sold online or in store. Infact, it was my mums once apon time but I kind of adopted it at some stage (So shhht dont tell her) haha.
I love this trio as it is great for achieving the smokey eyed look and looks stunning as a everyday look or for that special occasion.
This trio has a white, grey and a lightish black. They have a light shimmer to them but not sparkle. Just a subtle shimmer and it will most certainly not make your eyes look like disco balls!

Like I said previously, it is no longer sold but you can find a similar if not identical look-a-like online called 'Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadow No.01 Gris Dandy' which can be found priced at £7.99


Another February Favourite would have to be....

'Gosh' Velvet Touch Lipstick


This lipstick is really good. It is a very creamy lipstick that contain light reflecting pigments which gives your lips a bright, shiny, smooth and soft look.
The colour stays put on your lips for many hours, even after eating and drinking!
I also read that this GOSH lipstick contains Vitamin E which helps to protect against free radicals. It also contains vegetable oils which aid in extra care and protection of your lips.
This lipstick is long lasting, looks fantastic, easy to apply and protects & cares for your lips. And all at a good price of £6.49

Ohh and this also was/is my mum's...sorry mum ;)



Mozzarella, basil and tomato Sandwich

I know what you are thinking....what a weird favourite. I know. But this month I have been OBSESSED with this sandwich! I am pretty sure I have had it every week at least once. I love it. Who knew mozzarella, basil and tomato on a french stick would be such a beautiful creation. LOL.
Where as price is concerned....it really is up to to quality of the products and the amount you buy them in. Roughly the basil costs me around 80p, a HUGE french stick at 70p and a pack of 'on the vine ripened' tomatoes at £1. Ohh and mozzarella from £1 too :) So as you can see the ingredients can be very inexpensive and can last quite a few sandwiches... or a day or two if you love it as much as myself ;)

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So everyone, that sums up this month's favourites. I hope you have enjoyed reading my first ever favourites on this blog and I hope that there will be many more to follow. Look forward to blogging next time. Until then, GOODBYE!


  1. I love Aussi as a brand! It's also good to know that Gosh do good lipsticks!

  2. These look like amazing brands!

  3. Nominated you for a Liebster Award xx


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