24 April 2014

Coldpress obsession!

I have loved these drinks since my mum bought a couple last year to add to a smoothie and since then I have found they have been a healthier alternative to the usual squash I would tend to buy.  
'Coldpress' is 100% pure juice full of nutrients and antioxidants from fresh fruit. This is achieved unlike any other fruit juice out there as they don't cook it. Instead, its pasteurised cold using high pressure processing (HPP)
So basically, they get fresh fruit, crush it, bottle it, high pressure process it and ta-da! Pure tasting juice!

Even though this is much healthier (as it 100% fruit) than leading diluting juice, it does come in with higher price, costing  at £2.79 for a 750ml bottle. Despite this, it does seem to go on offer quite often so you could always catch it then :)

Find out more here: http://www.cold-press.co.uk

1 comment

  1. I absolutely love them too, rather bad obsession! Glad someones addicted to them, thought I was going crazy! They taste so good x



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