8 March 2014

Lunch with KayCee!

I always though pet friendly places were sparsely populated and you were limited to 'Pets at Home', but I couldn't of been more wrong! I was surprised when my mum told be that there were dog friendly cafe's within a 15 minute drive all over Edinburgh so I knew a outing for lunch with KayCee was on the To-Do-List.
Today we decided to head uptown to a lovely cafe called 'Nom De Plume'.
This is a great little cafe with distinctive decor in a great part of town. The staff are very friendly and polite whilst the food was amazing and excellent value!

I got one of my favourite meals, Nachoes and Cheese, whilst my mum got the French onion Soup and KayCee......a bowl of cold, fresh water - just how a dog likes it. Haha.
Following that I got a delicious chocolate brownie and a tea whilst my mum tucked into a almond croissant and cappuccino.

I will definitely be visiting there again and will definitely recommend it!

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