28 April 2014

Let It Go | #MusicMonday

As its Monday, that means its time for a new song.
This weeks choice of song is from one of my all time favourite films, Frozen! It was hard to chose only one song but in the end I settled for....

'Let it go' by Elsa (Voice by Indina Menzel) 

This is a song from Disney's 2013 animated film, Frozen. This particular song was performed by American actress and singer, Indina Menzel as her role, Queen Elsa.
The song starts when Elsa's magical ability to create and control ice is discovered, she leaves the castle and heads up in the mountains away from everyone. She realises that she no longer needs to hide her powers. She "declares herself free" from the set backs and restrictions she had to go through since childhood. 
During the song she uses her powers without fear, manipulating snow and ice to form a breathtaking castle for herself, away from the world.

(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

"Let It Go" won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 86th Academy Awards, where the song was preformed live by Indina Menzel. 
It is the first song ever, from a Disney animated musical to reach the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 since 1995 when "Colours of the Wind" sung by Vanessa Williams from Pocahontas reached number four.
This is also Menzel's first single to reach the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making her the first Tony Award winner for acting to ever get in the top 10!

On December 6th 2013, Walt Disney Animation Studios released a video of the full "Let it Go" sequence as seen in the movie which has over 200,000 views!

If you haven't seen this film already, I would definitely recommend it as it is AMAZINGGGG!

Hope you liked this weeks song choice and I will see you next Music Monday with another brand new song!

24 April 2014

Coldpress obsession!

I have loved these drinks since my mum bought a couple last year to add to a smoothie and since then I have found they have been a healthier alternative to the usual squash I would tend to buy.  
'Coldpress' is 100% pure juice full of nutrients and antioxidants from fresh fruit. This is achieved unlike any other fruit juice out there as they don't cook it. Instead, its pasteurised cold using high pressure processing (HPP)
So basically, they get fresh fruit, crush it, bottle it, high pressure process it and ta-da! Pure tasting juice!

Even though this is much healthier (as it 100% fruit) than leading diluting juice, it does come in with higher price, costing  at £2.79 for a 750ml bottle. Despite this, it does seem to go on offer quite often so you could always catch it then :)

Find out more here: http://www.cold-press.co.uk

21 April 2014

U Smile | #MusicMonday

"You smile, I smile"

For those who have their heads up in the clouds, today is Monday which means a number of things...in this case. Another song.

This weeks choice of song is one that has been requested and I find it highly amusing to sit here and write this.  

'U Smile' by...Justin Bieber (>.<) 

Why do I find it so funny you ask? Well a certain someone (you know who you are) kept singing "You smile, I smile" constantly whilst away on a trip (mentioned in previous post) and caught a certain type of fever...yes you guessed it... BIEBER FEVER! And before you ask. No, I don't like JB. I, along side a few other people that had to go through this suffering for days, hope that this could possibly cure it.

(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

 "U Smile" is preformed by the worldwide-teen sensation, Justin Bieber. According to Bieber, the song is dedicated to his fans. The song was released as the second digital single from Bieber's debut album on March 16th back in 2010. The song charted at number 17 and 27 respectively in the US and Canada and later on in the UK.

In an interview, Bieber said, "'U Smile' is one of the best songs I have ever recorded". He also wrote, "It really is a throwback to the great records I listened to growing up". Im sorry Justin but you must of had a dogie music taste when growing up.

Within the first week of debut, the song sold 83,000 downloads and entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number 27 and the Canadian Hot 100 at 17. "U Smile" was the highest debut on the week on both charts.
Clearly with the UK having a slight better music taste, the song 'only' reached 98. ;)

I dont have much more to say, but just remember.. "whenever you smile, I smile". Okay, maybe not but how else do I end this?

I guess I should say, hope you liked this weeks song choice and I will see you next Monday with a GOOD new song!


18 April 2014


WOW...I don't know what to say. I cant believe that I have reached 300 followers. It seems insane that I only started blogging on the 22nd February this year and within under 2 months I'm writing a blogpost on 300 followers. I never imagined that my blog could grow to this size and its hard to contemplate that 300 followers (On Bloglovin' alone) are interested in reading these little ramblings.
I seem to be thanking you all the time but I think you really deserve a massive thank you!

This blog has been a great way for me to network and share ideas from monthly favourites to the highly read 'Music Monday'. I have met so many wonderful bloggers and look forward to continuing my journey in the blog world. 
I love doing this and without all of you it wouldn't be as much fun. There are so many of you that take the time to write comments on my blog which I am really thankful for as I love to read them and this really keeps me going. 
Like I said I am so grateful for all your support and especially my family and friends! When I published my first blog post  I wasn't that sure if it was something I was going to be passionate about, but now I can say it is and I will definitely keep going with it.

Finally, I just want to apologies with the lack of uploads recently. Its been a very busy month so far. I have had revision to do, homework (urgh) and I have also just came back from a trip where I was away from home for 4 days. I hope sometime in the near future I will do a blog post on that but like I said, I'm extremely busy with revision and also very aware its Easter on Sunday so fingers crossed I get a post out then, not to mention Music Monday (Which this week I'm really excited to write!).

I thank every single one of you, as without you this would not be possible. The support, comments and views are just incredible. Thank you sooooo much.

Look forward to posting soon but until then- Goodbye!

-Kathleen xo

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