29 July 2014


Eyeliner. I love it. Though you have to watch out as there is a fine line before you take your look from the stunning Marilyn Monroe to the not so stunning, Marilyn Manson in seconds. 

However, by avoiding these next few steps you will be on your way to achieving that flawless look.

Don't be too harsh on the waterlines.

Lining your waterlines with eyeliner can seem like a good idea and help achieve a great look, but, going for that severe-looking black liner on the waterlines alone tends to leave your eyes looking small and angry. Just take Shirley Carter from Eastenders for example.

Master the flick, or flick off.

I know myself that it can be tricky to accomplish a gorgeous cat-eyed flick and especially to get both eyes identical! However, no flick is better than a dodgy one. Believe me when I say it myself; I have even tried to make the best of a badly done wing and trust me - it aint a good idea unless you want to be looking like a panda. Just clean it off and start a off new, which can be a pain, especially if you have gone all out and have applied eyeshadow but you will be thankful for it later.

Avoid build up.

It is really irritating when parts of your eyeliner in your tear duct build up. Eye boogers. When they accumulate within the corners it aint flattering when you're having to fish them out using a mirror or the camera on your phone whilst out and about. But behold! There is a way that can prevent this and that is trying to avoid going close into the inner corners...or just make sure you have either a mirror or phone handy.

Less is more. Right?

For you people out there who get quite eyeliner-happy (including myself), try avoiding caking your lower eyelids. This is because few eye shapes can actually pull off this look without their eyes looking tired and droopy. By all means drag your eyeliner pencil along the lower lash line, but girls (or guys) please don't fall into the trap of looking like a raccoon. It's not a good look.

I hope these tips have helped a little, and as always I will be seeing you soon with another post very soon.

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