14 August 2014


Achieving the perfect flick that so many of us dream about can be tricky and in my opinion is like the holy grail of makeup, but once you get it perfected it only gets easier! To help you I have broken it down into five super easy steps...

1) Start in the middle of your eyelid then start to draw a line outwards as close as you can to the upper lash line.

2) Next go from the inner corner and join the line to the middle. 

3) Drawing the wing use your lower lash line as a guide, not your eyebrow as sometimes your eyebrows can be too long or too short and it can also make the whole process a little more tough. Draw the wing as if you are extending the lower lash line. Remember: The longer the line, the higher the wing, and the higher the wing the, closer to god. Well...only if you want a long wing otherwise...don't follow that. 

4) Connect the wing to the liner you have already drawn and then fill in any gaps. This is also the stage to make the liner thicker if you wanted to but do so little by little so you don't end up like a panda!

5) Now make it happen on the other side! Good Luck ;-)

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