14 September 2014

Forth Road Bridge is 50!

Bridge party has brought the 10 day celebrations marking the 50th anniversary/birthday of the Forth Road Bridge to a close.

A seven minute display of fireworks followed after 2,014 people (including myself and family) joined in a torchlight procession over the bridge in the newest fashion statement that everyone will be wanting. The builders jacket. However, unfortunately these ones with 'Torch Carrier' then a picture of the Forth Road Bridge followed by "Forth Road Bridge 1964 - 2014' are a limited edition and are not available. Though I am sure you will be able to pick up a standard one at your nearest B&Q store?

For the first time ever, the bridge was closed to all traffic due to a "flaming good knees up"as for the last five decades the only thing that has forced the Forth Road Bridge to close has been weather or maintenance reasons.

At 10:06pm more than 12,000 fireworks were launched in recognition of the 1,0006m span structure. Fireworks including rows of giant thistles, a number 50, and a 1,000-metre 'waterfall' from the road light up the sky for seven minutes, set and accompanied to some tunes!
(All photos above are mine therefore please ask before using them)
 And since I am about to go onto do some English work, I would also like to add that the celebrations were all very symbolic. 2,014 torchbearers. Fireworks soared into the sky at 10.06pm in recognition of the bridge's 1,006 meter long span.

All and all, it was a fantastic night that will not be forgotten and I am so glad I could be apart of it!

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