23 September 2014

I heart Instagram!

Hello guys! I was tagged to do the ‘I Heart Instagram Tag’ and after all… I do love Instagram. It has been a very long time since I have done a tag so I knew I had to do this. And, if you know me personally or just follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am obsessed with the app!

What's your Instagram handle?

How many accounts do you follow?
I follow 48 accounts but always looking to follow more so feel free to follow me / comment yours below and I will definitely check it out! 

How many followers do you have? 
4,200 – Which I did not realise until I checked it to answer the question! :O

What are your favourite hashtags?
I actually don’t really use hashtags as my profile is on private (not really sure why though) plus I don’t really like them ;)

What is your favourite genre of photo?
Selfie! (Jokes!) I am not too sure but I do love a black and white photo.   

How often do you post?
It fluctuates. I can go a couple of weeks without posting or I may post 3 days in a row, it really just depends. The #JunePhotoADayChallenge had me posting daily for a while (well 30 days) but it was a demanding ‘work load’ haha, but I did keep up with it! :D

How often do you check your Instagram feed?
Wayyyyy too often! Like a gazillion times a day.  I’ve found that Instagram is like a rabbit hole – sometimes I fall down it and suddenly 30 minutes have passed by!

What's your favourite filter? 
When I first started using Instagram it was of course either x-pro II or Lo-Fi but now I tend to edit my photos on other apps or leave them ‘filter free’ #NaeFilter

Smartphone purist or rebel?
I have no idea what this actually means.....but if I am to guess I would say rebel as about 78% of my photos have been taken on my DSLR. However, they tend to be already on my phone (as my camera has a Wi-Fi function so I can send pics to my iPhone in seconds, enabling me to upload when I’m ‘oot and aboot’! 
Your 3 current favourite Instagram accounts? 
 @MustyCarlos @ZarBeauty and @ForeverYoursBetty (But can't not include @TJBilham) <3
I don't really tag anyone in particular but if you're reading this and you want to do it then go ahead, I tag you! Also leave me your Instagram username in the comments below and I might just ‘make that blue button green’. :L

With #love and lomographic filters,

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