31 October 2014

Younique 3D Fiber Mascara *

As you may of heard there has been a huge hype about Younique 3D Fiber Mascara! 
The American company who are literally a day away from launching in the UK (November 1st 2014) have taken social media by a storm! 
You may have seen the "before and after" photos on social media as women post pictures of their eyelashes with their "everyday routine" compared to wonderfully long lashes achieved by the Younique 3D Fiber Mascara so when I was contacted back in September to review it for my my blog of course, how could I not say yes?
I was always skeptical when I saw such photos but honestly, I am impressed! 

"Our best selling product, 3D Fiber Lashes dramatically enhances and magnifies the appearance of your own lashes."

So. First off: the packaging. I have to be honest and say that it does look like I should put my specs or sunnies in it. However the hard shelled carrying case includes the two tubes - the Transplanting Gel, which sounds horrifying and the Natural Fibers. The case is a great idea and does beat that crappy plastic packaging that drug store mascaras come in.
So. After reading the instructions thoroughly for once here is a sum of what is to be done.
1) Apply a thin coat of your current favourite mascara. I used Clinique - High Impact Mascara. This is one of my current favourites but not the top as I find that using defining mascara as opposed to volumizing/plumping mascara works best.
2) Once your mascara has dried, apply a coat of the Moodstruck Transplanting Gel. I was actually expecting a clear gel so when I pulled out the wand -to my delight- it was a black gel.
3) While the Transplanting Gel is still wet take the Natural Fibres and apply to lashes. This for me is the most horrifying part. A wand full of fluff near my eye just disturbs me deeply!

4) Finally apply another layer of Transplanting Gel to lock in the fibers so they don't end up falling onto your cheeks.

Another tip that I was told was that "after applying the first coat of gel and fibers, give your lashes a quick blast with a hair dryer from the bottom - blowing them upwards. This will do several things – a) curl your lashes, b) point all the fibers in the same direction and c) will blow off any excess fibers".
The directions say that you can repeat the last two steps as many times as you want to achieve the results you desire, however I had applied two coats and even found the first coat enough! 
Left: Two coats of normal mascara  |  Right: One coat of 3D Fiber Mascara

And what do you know, applying...fuzz directly to my eye was not as horrifying as I thought it was going to be.

I am extremely happy with the results though it does take a little bit longer to apply than regular mascara but also takes less time than applying falsies AND (I think) the outcome is better! I find that they are noticeably bigger and 'fuller'. 
I LOVE this product and would recommend that you try it for yourself!

You can purchase Younique 3D Fiber Mascara online here as of November 1st 2014!

*This post is c/o: Younique*

*Top two photos don't belong to me but Youniqueproducts.com*

28 October 2014

Your Dreamcatcher *

Today, after spending three hours on an essay comparing book to film, two hours typing my personal statement (urgh!) and fighting my way back home against the wind, it gives me relief to sit down and bring to you, Your Dreamcatcher.
 (wrote this post on Sunday...slight delay in uploading it, apologies)

I love dreamcatchers as much as the next person, but today, I aint talking about any dreamcatcher. I am taking about... 
A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be gifted a gorgeous new top from the people behind yourdreamcatcher.co.uk and I thought it was best to share with you all how comfy and cosy their clothing is.
Your Dreamcatcher is a new designer loungewear brand that make stunning and comfy tops, joggers and handmade jewellery, inspired by and displaying the logo.
With oversized jumper and hot chocolate weather approaching quickly, Your Dreamcatcher is certainly a brand you should be checking out. One of the things I love about this brand is the quality. The quality of their products are excellent and worth every penny and when it arrived through my door I was so excited to open it! The amount of time that they take to package the product is amazing...like it was so beautiful.

The top itself is really well made, really comfortable and really adaptable. Delivery was super fast and like I said before, it was packaged perfectly and it included a wee smelly thing (very formal language) and business card with a quote on the reversed side which relates to the brand and following your dreams :)
You can shop online at Your Dreamcatcher here

*This blog post is c/o: Your Dreamcatcher*

15 October 2014

Fall into Autumn

As many may be aware, I have been lacking the Music Monday posts and haven't done one for over two months! This is for a good reason however. Due to my work load for school, college and uni (completing a HNC whilst at school) it has been leaving me next to no time at all for blogging :( But hopefully at some point soon that will change and I can turn over a new leaf ;) 

Any how, I know it isn't Monday but I thought I would share one of my Spotify playlists with you all - 'Falling into Autumn'. It includes music from the amazing Sia, Taylor Swift, Vance Joy, but best of fall (wink wink) - a blast from the past - Vanessa Hudgens?! #WCW, and it is actually Wednesday! Oh and also look out for a bit of Justin Bieber. HA! I am only leafing' around. 

(Leaf it down to me to crack out the terrible puns xD)

Oh, also if you follow me on Instagram, thank you for helping me reach 5K!!! It is bloody crazy haha! 

11 October 2014

DIY: Lip Gloss

We can make our own homemade jewellery, decorations, clothing and much more, but do you know you can also make your very own lip gloss at home?! This is absolutely possible and all you need is
petroleum jelly and a powder eye shadow/blush!  Which also means you can experiment with colours :D 

All you have todo is mix the petroleum jelly with the powder eyeshadow/blush (amount depends on how bright you want it and the colour you use). Then put it in a suitable container. Ta-dah!

This DIY was featured in a magazine a few years ago, but we still continue to love it - why? It is simply awesome and you can create any shade of colour easily in minutes!

(Lip gloss applied)

1 October 2014

Autumn Trend | October '14

This Autumn is bringing neutral tones of nude, camel and cream to centre stage as the colour palette takes you from day to night. By mixing complementing tones and textures, adding metallic accents for a glamorous finishing touch.


Light Pink Boucle Oversized Coat
River Island
£85.00 £40.00
Whistles Edie Top with Peplum

Moto Super Ripped Jamie Jeans
Ciara White Ankle Boots
Pink Mini Luggage Cross Body Bag
River Island


White Waffle Textured Wrap Crop Top
New Look

Textured and Pleated Skater Skirt
Charlotte Russe

Disco Night Wedges
£24.75 £12.99

Michael Kors - Bedford Leather Large Zip Clutch
 Lord and Taylor

What's in your Autumn wishlist/idea list?

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