11 October 2014

DIY: Lip Gloss

We can make our own homemade jewellery, decorations, clothing and much more, but do you know you can also make your very own lip gloss at home?! This is absolutely possible and all you need is
petroleum jelly and a powder eye shadow/blush!  Which also means you can experiment with colours :D 

All you have todo is mix the petroleum jelly with the powder eyeshadow/blush (amount depends on how bright you want it and the colour you use). Then put it in a suitable container. Ta-dah!

This DIY was featured in a magazine a few years ago, but we still continue to love it - why? It is simply awesome and you can create any shade of colour easily in minutes!

(Lip gloss applied)

1 comment

  1. That's so cool, I will definitely try this!

    anna xx



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