15 October 2014

Fall into Autumn

As many may be aware, I have been lacking the Music Monday posts and haven't done one for over two months! This is for a good reason however. Due to my work load for school, college and uni (completing a HNC whilst at school) it has been leaving me next to no time at all for blogging :( But hopefully at some point soon that will change and I can turn over a new leaf ;) 

Any how, I know it isn't Monday but I thought I would share one of my Spotify playlists with you all - 'Falling into Autumn'. It includes music from the amazing Sia, Taylor Swift, Vance Joy, but best of fall (wink wink) - a blast from the past - Vanessa Hudgens?! #WCW, and it is actually Wednesday! Oh and also look out for a bit of Justin Bieber. HA! I am only leafing' around. 

(Leaf it down to me to crack out the terrible puns xD)

Oh, also if you follow me on Instagram, thank you for helping me reach 5K!!! It is bloody crazy haha! 

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  1. Pleased to see your music taste is better than your puns haha x


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