28 October 2014

Your Dreamcatcher *

Today, after spending three hours on an essay comparing book to film, two hours typing my personal statement (urgh!) and fighting my way back home against the wind, it gives me relief to sit down and bring to you, Your Dreamcatcher.
 (wrote this post on Sunday...slight delay in uploading it, apologies)

I love dreamcatchers as much as the next person, but today, I aint talking about any dreamcatcher. I am taking about... 
A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be gifted a gorgeous new top from the people behind yourdreamcatcher.co.uk and I thought it was best to share with you all how comfy and cosy their clothing is.
Your Dreamcatcher is a new designer loungewear brand that make stunning and comfy tops, joggers and handmade jewellery, inspired by and displaying the logo.
With oversized jumper and hot chocolate weather approaching quickly, Your Dreamcatcher is certainly a brand you should be checking out. One of the things I love about this brand is the quality. The quality of their products are excellent and worth every penny and when it arrived through my door I was so excited to open it! The amount of time that they take to package the product is amazing...like it was so beautiful.

The top itself is really well made, really comfortable and really adaptable. Delivery was super fast and like I said before, it was packaged perfectly and it included a wee smelly thing (very formal language) and business card with a quote on the reversed side which relates to the brand and following your dreams :)
You can shop online at Your Dreamcatcher here

*This blog post is c/o: Your Dreamcatcher*

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