30 November 2014

November Favourites!

Hi guys! Here are some of my favourites from this month, enjoy!....

Dioramic 020 Brun big Bang by DIOR 








Lasting Effect



Possibly...it is quite expensive!

"Diorific, the legendary accessory for lips with an Haute Couture finish, leads the Grand Bal dance, holding the signature of Dior glamour and elegance in its new extravagant and jewel-like gold case. It contains rich shades with a luminous and long-lasting matte finish, and a unique texture for perfectly outlined and coated lips, offering a captivating and sophisticated look." - And damn right is that true!

This lipstick is  formulated for a perfect balance between hold and comfort, with it gliding on with a rich texture and intense, long-lasting colour. This particular lipstick can be applied heavily for a dark, coppery colour or lightly for a more natural, autumny look - which is why I have loved it this Autumn!

Available at Boots for £27.50

SALA Knee-high boots by DUO Boots
(c/o Duo Boots)








Purchase from the store again?

"These clean-lined Sala flat knee-high boots have a flattering high-cut front that elongates the leg."

I have to admit...these are my first pair of boots for a couple of years that haven't been UGGS. I am a big sucker for UGGs especially in autumn and winter as they are so cosy but I think they have been knocked down a place this year to make room for these gorgeous boots that I was gifted (!!!) by the company, DUO Boots
I am going to keep a limit on what I say right now as I am currently writing up a blog post just about the company and how I managed to get invited to the DUO Blogger event and how I got these boots. Oh, and of course, how I style them! But I must say that tese boots are great for the money as they are so comfortable and cosy. However, due to them being suede, I have bought a waterproof and stain proof spray to protect these lovelies from the Scottish weather but despite that, it hasn't stopped me wearing them - I bloody love them!

Available at DUO for £210

3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Younique
(c/o Younique)







Lasting Effect




I was sent this product to review last month and since then have fallen in love with it. I have already done a review on it so you can read what I think about it in more depth here.

Since receiving this mascara and using it for when I go to parties, blogger events or even out with the family, I would definitely say it is worth the price. It gives a more natural look that wearing false lashes but yet so much volume. Seriously. You will stop traffic with these lashes. The product is so friken amazing (despite it being rather disturbing at first to have to put a wand of fluff directly on your eye)!

It really doesn't take much longer to use than regular mascara. You can read more about the directions and before and after photos here.

Available at Younique for £23

This months random favourite is actually very random as it has been part of my life for...2 years now but it is indeed...


I love Instagram. It is my favourite app but people are made to believe that I am not on it that often as I may only post one photo a week but trust me. I am on it like 50 times a day! 
 If you do not know what Instagram is (where have you been?!), it is a popular platform for instantly enhancing photos and videos with effects and sharing them across a number of different social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. 

I have done the 'I heart Instagram' tag where I mentioned the amount of followers being at 4,200 but since has rocketed up since September to almost 5,500! Which is crazy! 
I love coming across new accounts so please feel free to give my account a follow and I might just do the same back :) 


 I hope you have enjoyed my November favourites, until next time (tomorrow for a #MusicMonday),

*Photo credit goes to the companies themselves*

17 November 2014

Find You || #MusicMonday

Get your week off to a great start with this weeks #MusicMonday which is...

'Find You' - Alex Goot ft. Against the Current 
(Originally by Zedd ft. Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant)

I have supported both Alex Goot and Against the Current for just over two years now and to this day have not lost any interest in them.

Against The Current is a small pop/rock band from New York. The band members consist of; Chrissy Constanza (vocals), Dan Gow (back vocals/guitar) and Will Ferri (drums). Former members include Jeremy Rompala and Joe Simmons (guitar and bass).
After getting their band together, they formed a YouTube channel in August 2011, named againstthecurrentNY and started from there. At first they didn't get much views, and wasn't even known of that much until they released their first single "Thinking". They also collaborated with other YouTubers such as Sam Tsui, Kurt Schneider, Julia Sheer and many more. This helped their channel to get more views and subscribers. 

Alex Goot is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist also from New York but unlike Against the Current, his channel (GootMusic) grew rapidly through the channel lists YouTube Top 200 with his original songs and covers of famous songs. His YouTube channel has over 2,000,000 subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 300 million times! Like Against the Current, Alex has also done collaborations with other artists such as Kurt Schneider, Megan Nicole and Sam Tsui - to name a few.

(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

Also, if you are interest both, Against the Current and Alex Goot are coming to the UK on tour! I am so friken excited!!!

Against the Current tour : 1st December - 8th December 2014

Alex Goot tour: 15th January - 31st January 2015

I don't know about you but I will most certainly be purchasing VIP tickets for both tours whilst tickets are still available!

Get yours before its too late - you don't want to miss out!

12 November 2014

❤ Carolyn Baxter *

"A one stop glamour shop, this is the place to fulfil all your party dress and big hair needs."

Carolyn Baxter is a designer, boutique owner and a YouTube star. Her dresses have been worn by the likes of Katie Piper, Millie Mackintosh and appearances on The Bachelor UK.

"Carolyn Baxter is a luxury dress label based in Scotland".

Last week I was extremely lucky to get the opportunity to attend a bloggers event that Carolyn was hosting in concurrence with S1 Jobs.
The event was aimed at fashion bloggers at her gorgeous shop, just off Broughton Street. It was mainly focused on fashion retail and the journey Carolyn went on from a vlogger to a boutique owner - it was very interesting and also beneficial! 
We then got to try on some of the stunning dresses that she has made herself, and oh my...they were all so gorgeous (and I'm not a 'dress person'!)! This is the perfect boutique to find a dress for any occasion!  
Also, if that wasn't enough, makeup artist, Stacey Whittaker, popped in to discuss makeup and even do ours! 
Stacey has worked for MAC Cosmetics in the past but is about to open up her first shop - 'Pouts and Pinups' - in Fife, Scotland. Her work is incredible and has been featured in magazines such as Best Scottish Weddings, The Scottish Wedding Directory, Vogue Italia and Extract. She has also been lucky enough to work with some of the industry’s most prestigious events and creative professionals. 
She is booked up next year and even has appointments scheduled for 2017...AND, she has just had a child this year! She is not only superwoman but a lovely, inspirational person.
"Do my eyelashes look fake?"
A big thanks to those involved and made this event possible - I had such a brilliant evening!

I now know where I am going to be buying my prom dress from ;)

You can find Carolyn at....                                      and Stacey at....
www.carolynbaxter.co.uk                                       www.staceywhittaker.com   www.facebook.com/carolynbaxter                        www.facebook.com/Pouts-Pinups
www.twitter.com/Carolynbaxter                            www.facebook.com/staceywhittaker

Finally, you can check the S1jobs link here:

9 November 2014

Christmas at The Bodyshop! *

It was as if I had a glimpse of my future - my festive future this year that is. Without the snow, I could see myself climbing up mountains and running through valleys of Christmas gifts...we can dream right?
On Tuesday the 4th of November, Edinburgh Bloggers were invited to The Bodyshop for the launch of their Christmas range. I was super excited as I love The Bodyshop because their products are all natural but always smell wonderful!

When we arrived, we were offered either a glass of Prosecco or Shlur. Being 17 and all, I went for the non-alcholic option. Once the majority of us had arrived, we were given a tour around the store and of course, the Christmas products! From bath jelly to body shimmer, from makeup to face wash, it was exciting to see the products they have to offer.
Three new limited edition fragrances were launched as part of this years Holiday Collection - Glazed Apple, Frosted Cranberry and my favourite, Vanilla Brulee.
Glazed Apple ~ "‘Tis the season to smell delicious! Smell good enough to eat this season with this mouth-watering fragrance".
Frosted Cranberry ~ "‘Tis the season to smell delicious! Smell gorgeously juicy with this mouth-watering fragrance".
Vanilla Brulee ~ "‘Tis the season to indulge! Smell utterly enticing with this creamy-smelling festive fragrance".

That night I became rather obsessed with the Vanilla Brulee fragrance, so near the end of the night I was about to head to the checkout with a vanilla hand cream and body polish when I was told that they come in the gift bag. I decided to put them back and instead get a shower gel.

We got a choice in what fragrance we wanted (Glazed Apple, Frosted Cranberry or Vanilla Brulee) and of course I chose the vanilla one xD
(Lottie sniffing the goodies)

The gift bag included:



(Lottie loves the camera and thought she was missing out...)
I had a lovely night out talking to other bloggers and of course smelling the gorgeous scents.

Have you picked up any goodies from The Body Shop lately?
Which is your favourite scent at The Body Shop?

3 November 2014

Shut Up and Dance | #MusicMonday

Its Mondayyy, which means a new Music Monday song choice! I once again apologies for the lack of music mondays but they will (hopefully) pick up now that I have less homework :D
This weeks tune is actually inspired if not chosen by one of my friends who introduced me to another song from this amazing band!

'Shut Up and Dance' - Walk the Moon

Like I said above, a friend of mine actually listed some of their current favourite songs and one of them was Anna Sun by Walk the Moon. So as I went to check out their youtube channel their latest release, Shut Up and Dance, starting playing and I instantly started to like this band! 
(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)
Walk the Moon is an indie rock band who originate in Ohio in 2008. Within the first two years several member changes happened before coming together with current members; Nicholas Petricca, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman and Eli Maiman. The band released their debut album, i want! i want!, independently in November 2010. Later in February 2011, Walk the Moon signed with Mick Management and RCA Records and released their first official album, Walk the Moon, in June 2012. 
(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)
The band have played at the Sasquatch Music Festival, Firefly Music Festival and Summerfest Music Festival in the past and have also played at the iTunes Festival in London in 2012 and were the support act for Fun on their European tour. Their single Quesadilla was added to the official FIFA 13 soundtrack and their second single, Tightrope, was used in the commercial for the HP Envy 4 Ultrabook laptop.
Most recently, Walk the Moon released the single, Shut Up and Dance, on the 9th of September 2014 ahead of their new album officially titled - Talking is Hard - which will release on the 2nd of December 2014!
Walk the Moon are a great band and I am very happy to have been introduced to them and get to share their talent with you all. I hope that you will go and check this band out if you haven't done so already and look out for a new Music Monday very soon...well...in seven days ;)

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