12 November 2014

❤ Carolyn Baxter *

"A one stop glamour shop, this is the place to fulfil all your party dress and big hair needs."

Carolyn Baxter is a designer, boutique owner and a YouTube star. Her dresses have been worn by the likes of Katie Piper, Millie Mackintosh and appearances on The Bachelor UK.

"Carolyn Baxter is a luxury dress label based in Scotland".

Last week I was extremely lucky to get the opportunity to attend a bloggers event that Carolyn was hosting in concurrence with S1 Jobs.
The event was aimed at fashion bloggers at her gorgeous shop, just off Broughton Street. It was mainly focused on fashion retail and the journey Carolyn went on from a vlogger to a boutique owner - it was very interesting and also beneficial! 
We then got to try on some of the stunning dresses that she has made herself, and oh my...they were all so gorgeous (and I'm not a 'dress person'!)! This is the perfect boutique to find a dress for any occasion!  
Also, if that wasn't enough, makeup artist, Stacey Whittaker, popped in to discuss makeup and even do ours! 
Stacey has worked for MAC Cosmetics in the past but is about to open up her first shop - 'Pouts and Pinups' - in Fife, Scotland. Her work is incredible and has been featured in magazines such as Best Scottish Weddings, The Scottish Wedding Directory, Vogue Italia and Extract. She has also been lucky enough to work with some of the industry’s most prestigious events and creative professionals. 
She is booked up next year and even has appointments scheduled for 2017...AND, she has just had a child this year! She is not only superwoman but a lovely, inspirational person.
"Do my eyelashes look fake?"
A big thanks to those involved and made this event possible - I had such a brilliant evening!

I now know where I am going to be buying my prom dress from ;)

You can find Carolyn at....                                      and Stacey at....
www.carolynbaxter.co.uk                                       www.staceywhittaker.com   www.facebook.com/carolynbaxter                        www.facebook.com/Pouts-Pinups
www.twitter.com/Carolynbaxter                            www.facebook.com/staceywhittaker

Finally, you can check the S1jobs link here:

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  1. the location looks beautiful i love the tea party theme! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/11/uk-blog-awards-and-london-dolls-giveaway.html xx


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