31 December 2014


...to 2014!

Here's to my last ever blog post this year. So emotional. ;-)

*Wipes away tear*

I am so glad to get this year over and done with. I never thought I would say that but it has been the hardest year in my life for personal / family reasons. However there has been a few positives and learning experiences to come from 2014, like starting up this blog! Now grab a cuppa and get comfortable as I believe this could be a lengthy post.
At the end of February (the 22nd to be exact) I made the decision to start up Ka5thleen, at the time I didn't think it would last long which explains the lack of creativity in the name - you can read how I came up with it here. If you were to tell me that by the end of the year, after 10 months of blogging; I would have reached over 10K views, hundreds of followers, over 4K Instagram followers and over 100 Facebook likes, I would of laughed in your face. So hard. Not to mention people such as Ashleigh Gray, Mark Angels, Johnny Rzeznik and Boy George reading what I write (well at the least the post they were involved with haha), which it is still bloody surreal. Fangirling moment.
And not forgetting the wonderful companies and people I have gotten to work with:
(In order of first > latest)
and the blogger events which some have hosted (marked with a *) which has led me to meet other wonderful Edinburgh bloggers! Find the list of them here.

Over the past 10 months blogging has became a part of my life that I don't see myself giving up anytime soon. Blogging gives me somewhere I can be myself and write whatever I want, whenever I want. It is the one place that has no limits, where I don't feel judged... constantly. In the years to come I want to be able to open up further and talk more freely about other personal things such as dyslexia and social anxiety which can often knock my confidence even lower than what it sits at. On the brighter side I would also like to upload more OOTD and tutorials as the ones I have done in the past have been very popular including the top three makeup tutorials;
and most recently...
I love blogging and coming across other blogs. I feel like it is another world that should be experienced if you love to write. At times it can be stressful, hard and even draining but that is when you know to stand back and take a break. 
Lets take Blogmas for example. If you can recall, I said on Day 1 I was never going to blog everyday. Well that changed. I ended up blogging for the first 20 days in a row, and don't get me wrong, I loved it. However, around about day 17 I started to stress over it and was even staying up early hours in the morning to write a post. No fun. I realised it wasn't the way to go and to give it a rest as to go from only blogging two to three times a week to everyday for the first 25 days in December is a HUGE jump. Something that I hadn't really considered at the time. 
With that said though, blogging can be extremely rewarding. You meet amazing people, get to attend blogger events, receive goodie bags (what a bonus!) and even get contacted for PR (such as to review a product). It is such a brilliant hobby.

I have spent the last 10 months adapting my blog and finding a schedule that fits around school, college, uni, and my social life (not like I have much of one *wink*).  I have thought it out and have decided that I will continue with #MusicMonday which will continue to be posted on Mondays (duh) and another one blog post that will be posted between Wednesday and Friday. This will help to keep things organised and will allow readers to know when they should expect a new post whilst giving me more free time out with school and blogging as I do like to have somewhat a social life hehe ;)
Anyways, moving on, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this year, it means a lot. I wish I could give each and everyone one of you individually a hug but we all know that that is pretty impossible so this is as close as it is going to get. *cyber hug*
  I hope that each of you have a lovely Hogmanay (or New Year if you ain't Scottish), and cherish each and every moment with the ones you love.

I shall see you again in 2015 for a fresh new start. Until then lovelies,

(Hehe, looks like I have hair growing out my ear :L)

30 December 2014


How many of you make resolutions that you think seem a good idea but as the year progresses it just doesn't happen? 
New Year's Eve is often seen as a time for a fresh start and the majority of us come up with new resolutions such as to visit the gym more, eat less junk food etc etc, but often never happen as idea of change are too broad and vague. That is why I have put together this post to help you achieve the changes you want to make with these 10 New Year's resolutions that everyone should make.
1) Stop posting negative crap about celebrities on social media. No one cares. Miley Cyrus doesn't care what you think about her style of dance. Justin Bieber doesn't care what you think on his trousers hanging around his ankles (though I do suggest someone buys him a belt) and Kylie Jenner does not give a flip on what you think resulted in her lips being ten times the size they originally were. 

2) Don't be angry with yourself for missing the gym on days you didn't have time, though stop missing the gym on the days you did have time to go.

3) Keep a journal or diary...possibly even a burn book. No. Not a burn book in fact. What about a blog? This doesn't have to be something you use every day but documenting experiences and memories is important, don't just rely on your brain to do the work. You will be thankful for it later. Believe me.

4) Do something for charity. If you do already, do more. Help comes in more ways than sharing something on Facebook *yawn*.

5) Leave the country. Are you one of those people who dream to travel the world? Why not start now? If you don't have the money, consider doing charity work abroad or taking a gap year. There are some programs that will sponsor you.

6) Life is too short to waste it on caring how many likes a Facebook status got, how many retweets/favourites a tweet got, how many likes/comments your Instagram photos or even how many followers you have. If you like that status, tweet, or photo enough to post it, does anything else matter? All this moaning and social media anxiety is a waste of time. There is better things you could be doing in your life.

7) Conquer a fear. Personally, I struggle with heights. A lot. Even standing at the top of a ladder to an attic gets the knees going. 

8) Do not check your social media feed when you're with friends. You know who you are. Yes you.

9) Don't hide emotions. Cry - when you're happy and when you're sad. Learn to embrace your emotions as they come.  

10) Get rid of "frenemies'. Don't spend 2015 surrounded by people you secretly despise. Same goes with enemies. My motto is that if were not on good terms by December 31st, you are getting left in 2014. On the other hand, strengthen relationships with those who meal the world to you. Blood is thicker than water.

Right...so that's them! What do you think? Are you thinking of giving any a shot? And if so what ones?

I shall see you tomorrow (well..not quite) with my last ever blogpost for 2014 - sounds so scary!

20 December 2014


As you will be aware by now, my liking for the musical, Wicked, has pretty much turned into an obsession with me going to see it on Tuesday for the third time in under two weeks. Yep, call me crazy. 
(Check my first post about Wicked here and my #MusicMonday entry on it here)
Wicked is an incredibly popular musical which stars two witches; Glinda and Elphaba. In this post I will be describing how I achieved the following looks and how you too, can apply a Wicked inspired look whether you are going for a Elphaba or  Glinda look. Pretty soon, you'll be defying gravity with either of these looks.

Steps to achieve the Elphaba inspired look as shown on the left eye above.

  • First, I prepped the whole eyelid with a primer. I used the 'Along Came Betty' Pri-Eye-Mer that I picked up for something like £2 from Tesco as they were getting rid of the product. It is usually £5.99 so was obviously a good buy therefor bought a couple. This helps the eyeshadow glide on more smoothly and enables a longer lasting affect.
  • You will now need about four eyeshadow colours for the look - a light, medium and dark green and also either a dark brown or black. Start by patting on the lightest green all over the lid right up to under the brow. I then went over the lid up to just above the crease with the medium shade of green with a sweeping motion
  • Add depth and darkness. From the outer corner of the lid up to the outer corner of the crease, lightly pat on the dark brown/black eyeshadow. The heaver it is, the more dramatic.
  • Frame your eyes. I used liquid eyeliner in black and drew a thin line close to the upper lashes and added a classic cat flick. You do not have to do the flick if you are not too confidant at it, but it does help to frame the look. I then used the green Urban Decay glitter liner and dabbed the glitter on just above the eyeliner right to the end of the cat flick. I found that this made the look more magical and draw attention to the magic of Elphaba and her powers.
  • Line the eyes. At this point I went back to the medium green and lined the eyes under the lower lash line half way, then switched to the lighter green and lined the inner half. This just helps to emphasise the shape of your eye and complete the look. I also just went over the water line with a black eyeliner pencil to add definition.
  • Finally, apply mascara (and curl lashes if you do that). Also you can fill in your brows which will frame your eyes and also because Elphaba's eyebrows is one of her main features along with her hair and more obviously, her green skin.

India Menzel (Original Elphaba)

Ashleigh Gray (UK Tour Elphaba)

Steps to achieve the Glinda inspired look as shown on the Right eye above.

  • First, I prepped the whole eyelid with a primer. I just done the exact same as in the Elphaba look, using the 'Along Came Betty' Pri-Eye-Mer.
  • You will now need three eyeshadow colours for this look - a light yellowy pink, either a light or medium pink and a light purple. Start by patting on the yellowy pink all over the lid right up to under the brow. Then go over the lid to just above the crease with the pink. Try keeping it light in the inner corner of the eye but slightly heaver on the outer corner.
  • Add definition. From the outer corner of the lid up to the outer corner of the crease, lightly pat on the light purple eyeshadow lightly. Watch out that you don't apply too much as we want to keep this look rather light unlike Elphaba's look.
  • Frame your eyes. I used a brown eyeliner pencil and drew a thin line close to the upper lashes and added a small classic cat flick. I didn't use black as I felt that it would make the eye's look more dramatic and overall making the the look rather heavy. Just like before, you do not have to do the flick if you are not too confidant in doing so. I also used the Urban Decay glitter liner again but instead in pink and dabbed it on just above the eyeliner right to the end of the cat flick. I think that this made Glinda's look more magical and fairy/witchy like.
  • Line the eyes.  I actually used a white eyeshadow and lined the eyes under the lower lash line. This just helps to keep the look light as well as completing it.  I went over the water line with the brown eyeliner pencil to add definition and show the shape of the eye.
  • Finally, apply mascara (and curl lashes if you do that). You can also fill in your brows if you wanted to, but don't over do it as Glinda has quite soft eyebrows to match her makeup.
Kristin Chenoweth (Original Glinda)

Emily Tierney (UK Tour Glinda)

Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth 
(As Elphaba and Glinda)

I hope that you liked these Wicked inspired looks - they are also quite Christmassy too.

Which is your favourite inspired look? I think mines is Elphaba's.

19 December 2014


Today I will be talking about my favourite Christmas story.

"The Night Before Christmas" written by Clement C. Moore has been called "arguably the best-known verses ever written by an American" and is largely responsible for some of the conceptions of Santa Claus. 
My mum always read this to me during the Christmas season when I was younger. I remember not only loving the pictures but the verses. It is amazingly written and illustrated.
It is about a man who awakens to noises coming from outside on Christmas Eve whilst his wife and children are asleep. As he looks out the window, he sees St. Nicholas in his sleigh pulled by eight reindeers. St. Nicholas enters the house through the chimney, carrying a large sack with him. The man watches as St. Nicholas fills the Christmas stockings that hang by the fire, and laughs to himself. They share a conspiratorial moment before the St. Nicholas heads up the chimney again. 
As he flies away in the sleigh, he wishes everyone a "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night".

18 December 2014


My Christmas decorations in my room have been up since the 5th but I can't believe that I haven't had time to take any photos of some of them and show you all as it has been getting dark so early. However, due to a early finish at school today, I've managed to snap some - decent - photos.
I have six of these snowflake-star-type decorations up on my cupboard doors in my bedroom. It was a hard decision whether to put them on my tree or not, but since I have similar decorations on the tree, I thought they would be nice on the doors instead.
I love these snowflake decorations on my tree. I have had them for a few years now, so they have seen better days but I just think they are too pretty to throw away.
There is always a debate where these pink, floral...garland type decoration (cannot remember the proper name at this moment in time) goes. This year I decided to put them around my bedroom door just because there was space.
I have actually had this out since I received it for my Birthday back in August but it is Christmassy so decided to include it in this post. It is a double-sided photo snow globe but because I haven't found that 'perfect photo' yet, I printed off a Frozen quote and a picture of Olaf to put temporarily inside. Grant, who gave me this, wasn't (and still isn't) too happy about it haha.
Last year for Christmas my mum bought me this lovely ornament as it was also the first year with KayCee (our snow dog) so she thought this was the perfect gift. Sadly, it was KayCee's first and last Christmas. This makes this ornament even more special and meaningful. (Oh, and my mum loved The Snowman and sequel).

*wipes away tear*
KayCee last year as the Snowdog for our Christmas cards.

Hope you have liked this wee insight into my room as part of my favourite Christmas Decorations. 

17 December 2014


Christmas Traditions Tag

 1. When does Christmas start for you?
It's not Christmas until December, I get excited for it near the end of November but I won't start listening to Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies or anything Christmassy before the 1st December because I feel that just ruins Christmas otherwise and the whole run up to it.

2. What is one Christmas movie you have to watch?
Home Alone (Only the 1st and 2nd one though). I also like to watch Jingle Bells as that has been one of my favourites since I was a little kid. You can see what my favourite Christmas movies are here.

3. Do you bake or buy a Christmas cake?
I personally do not do either. Usually my Nanny bakes one each year. However, last year I actually made and decorated one by myself at school which I was really proud of…even though I do not like Christmas cake. (FYI, according to my family it was really good!).

4. When do you put up your Christmas tree?
I aim to put my own one (that goes up in my bedroom) for the 1st of December but tends to be the weekend after due to lack of preparation and time.

5. Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree?
I have always had a fake one in my bedroom but in the past our main Christmas tree (sits in the living room  has been real. But this year it is indeed fake which is good in many ways but also has the disadvantages like not having the ‘Christmas tree smell’ which can be a bummer, but on the other hand…no needles dropping!

6. When do you start playing Christmas music?
The first of December is when I shove on the Christmas music, Band Aid (the original!!) is always the first tune :D

7. Do you use the same Christmas decorations every year or buy new ones?
A bit of both. Most of our decorations have a story behind them but each year I tend to pick something new up for to give my mum for the tree. This year I actually bought a lovely Floral Spring Hanging Owl from here. I love this store!
8. How do you spend Christmas Eve?
I used to go out with the whole family to the pantomime every year, but this is the first year that I haven't done so as I feel that I am a bit too old now for it...and I have been and seen Wicked last Wednesday (10th) and I am also going tonight (17th)...oh and plan on going on the 23rd too. I cannot express my love for Wicked, it is simply amazing. However, during the evening usually I spend it in my pj's watching Christmas films with my mum and uncle. Nothing too extravagant.

9. Advent calendar or no advent calendar?
Advent Calendar! I have one that my mum 'stocks' each year.

10. Do you leave a snack out for Santa and his reindeer?
When I was younger I always used to leave a carrot, a glass of milk (or port haha!) and a mince pie.

11. How does Santa get into your house?
That is a secret ;)

12. Mince pies, yay or nay?
Mehhh? I used to like them but I think I have gone off them slightly....

13. Snowballs, egg nog or mulled wine?
Snowballs - No, I hate snow!
Egg nog - Never had.
Mulled Wine - Never really had. :L

14. What scents remind you of Christmas?
Cinnamon, 'Christmas tree scent' and certain scented candles.
15. How do you spend Christmas day?
We wake up, have breakfast, open our presents, chill, Christmas lunch/dinner, chill some more, get ready to go out, go to my aunties house, see family, open our secret santa present, then party till early hours in the morning of boxing day :)

I tag my two blogging friends, Mairi and Cera along with anyone who wants to do this tag.  Please let me know in the comments if you have done this tag as i love to read them and come across new blogs.

16 December 2014


So today I am bringing you the last of my gift guides with...stocking fillers for him! All of these gifts are under £25 and would also make great secret santa presents. 

Personalised Nutella Jars from Selfridges at £3.99

Wool Fairisle Socks from The White Stuff for £12.

Bath Duck Shoot from M&S for £6.

Galaxy Print 5 Panel Cap from ASOS for £14.

Icon Brand Spaceship Leather Bracelet from Urban Outfitters for £15.

I hope that you have found my gift guides for both series helpful this year, what stocking filler ideas do you have?

*all photos above do not belong to me but the website linked*

15 December 2014


As you know, I went to see Wicked last Wednesday which has got me all obsessed with it and the soundtrack so much, I am off to see it again this Wednesday!

If you haven't guessed already, this weeks #MusicMonday is my all about my top songs from the musical

The Wizard and I - Sung by Carole Shelley and Idina Menzel.
I'm not that Girl - Sung by Idina Menzel (Reprise sung by Kristin Chenoweth).
As Long As You're Mine - Sung by Idina Menzel and Leo Norbert Butz. (My all time favourite Wicked song!)
No Good Deed - Sung by Idina Menzel
For Good - Sung by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel.
And of course,
Defying Gravity - Sung by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel.
However, I actually love each and every song (no lies!) so much so, that I am going to add my Spotify playlist below that you can have a listen and possibly fall under the spell too!

If you haven't seen Wicked yet, I definitely recommend going, I can't describe how enjoyable and bloody amazing it actually is...though I did try to here so you can check that out.

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