10 December 2014

When do you open your Christmas presents? | BLOGMAS #Day10

Good evening everyone, hope you're all having as much fun with Blogmas as I am. I thought that I should write this post just before I go out to see Wicked tonight as I doubt I will want to when I come back ;). I am so excited to go and see it as I have never seen it before and only know the one song, Defying Gravity, that was covered on the TV show, Glee.
Today's blogmas entry is talking about when we open presents. I have touched slightly before on this already when talking about traditions, but nonetheless I am going to give it a good shot.

I don't stay up on the 24th till midnight to open my presents, instead I like to go to my bed and wake up on Christmas Morning to them. Additionally, with that said, I do stay up till about 2am celebrating with my mum, uncle and dog, but I don't open a single present as it doesn't seem right. Plus, 'santa' hasn't put them under the tree by that point! Haha.

Growing up, that was the day, the big countdown, the moment I looked forward to the whole of December. I loved wakening up early in the morning and running through in my xmas PJ's to look under the tree. All that shiny paper and ribbon! The excitement I felt.
As I have grown up I don't look forward to the presents as much. I mean, of course I look forward to them, but just not as much as I have realised, nothing is as special as spending the day with your family. <3 
I normally get up between 9am and 10am in which point my mum and uncle are already up. I then tend to chill with them and last year, I played with my dog, KayCee. We all sit down and have breakfast made by my mum. Once finished only then do we open up out prezzies! This tends to be about 11am. However, sadly KayCee is no longer with us in literal form, but we are instead joined by the newest family member who you are all so familiar with now (especially if you follow me on instagram!), Lottie!
In the evening the all the family heads over to one of my aunties house and this is where the partying really does get under way...like realllyyyyy under way haha. We all catch up and talk about our day so far and what santa has brought us that morning. 
Throw back to about 2009!

Our family have now kind of set a tradition where every adult (age 21+) pulls a child's name (<21) and another adult's name out of a hat and gets them a Christmas present. They have to spend about £150 on the kid and £50 on the adult and nobody is supposed to know who they got. Though in about every secret santa I've been apart of everyone tells everyone. 
Any how, these presents are put next to the tree at my aunties and later that evening, one by one, each person gets called up to open theirs. I love seeing the excitement on everyones faces! It is such a great idea that I hope get's carried down for generations. ;)
My horrendous hair cut back in 2010!
Love the top two photos of my cousin. Can you guess how happy he was haha? ;)

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