12 December 2014


Hello guysss!
First off. Yep. I know that I am uploading this at a rather late time tonight, that is because I have to admit...I forgot that I was doing blogmas. Whoops. It wasn't until I was getting ready to jump into my bed with the popcorn and hot chocolate at the ready to watch a movie when it hit me. 
"Darn it. I haven't written never mind uploaded, anything for today's blogmas!" 
Right then was when I put my movie night on pause, just so I could write this post explaining why I have nothing better to say haha.

Today once I got home from school all I have felt like doing is eating, sleeping and watching Christmas movies. Oh and also go slightly hyper due to the fact this Wednesday coming up, I am off to see Wicked again! - That is how much I love it. I can't wait even a week before deciding I'm away to see it again ahaha. But anyhow, recently due to all this blogging my creativity is running low and dry which has lead me to having a serious lack of motivation, which explains this crappy post. I'm sorry. 
Anyways, as I find myself waffling on about nothing that interesting, I am going to end this blogpost here as I am shattered even though it's only *looks at the time* 10:30 on a Friday night, but mannnn, they are my movie nights, nae partying for me! I just didn't want to miss a day of blogmas as before I know it, I would be missing another day, and another day. I do however, have a good number of things I want to blog about in the up and coming days/weeks, they just need time spent on them and decent photos which is something I cannot do right now due to my tiredness.

So till tomorrow, 

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