18 December 2014


My Christmas decorations in my room have been up since the 5th but I can't believe that I haven't had time to take any photos of some of them and show you all as it has been getting dark so early. However, due to a early finish at school today, I've managed to snap some - decent - photos.
I have six of these snowflake-star-type decorations up on my cupboard doors in my bedroom. It was a hard decision whether to put them on my tree or not, but since I have similar decorations on the tree, I thought they would be nice on the doors instead.
I love these snowflake decorations on my tree. I have had them for a few years now, so they have seen better days but I just think they are too pretty to throw away.
There is always a debate where these pink, floral...garland type decoration (cannot remember the proper name at this moment in time) goes. This year I decided to put them around my bedroom door just because there was space.
I have actually had this out since I received it for my Birthday back in August but it is Christmassy so decided to include it in this post. It is a double-sided photo snow globe but because I haven't found that 'perfect photo' yet, I printed off a Frozen quote and a picture of Olaf to put temporarily inside. Grant, who gave me this, wasn't (and still isn't) too happy about it haha.
Last year for Christmas my mum bought me this lovely ornament as it was also the first year with KayCee (our snow dog) so she thought this was the perfect gift. Sadly, it was KayCee's first and last Christmas. This makes this ornament even more special and meaningful. (Oh, and my mum loved The Snowman and sequel).

*wipes away tear*
KayCee last year as the Snowdog for our Christmas cards.

Hope you have liked this wee insight into my room as part of my favourite Christmas Decorations. 

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