4 December 2014

Favourite Christmas Movies | BLOGMAS #Day4

I am not sure about you, but Christmas movies are a staple in my house at this time of year. I love snuggling down with the duvet on the sofa, clutching a hot drink and a large bowl of popcorn to share with my mum and Lottie...my puppy (she loves popcorn!), and usually watch a movie or two. 
Here, in no sensible order at all, are some of our favourite Christmas Movies!

Home Alone
Such a classic. If I am ever lacking Christmas spirit in December, I always shove this on. The sequels of Home Alone aren't as good but are still hilarious and enjoyable.

Polar Express
To be honest when I first watch this movie, the part where the train arrives scared the s**t out of me. Not really sure why to be honest because I have grown up to love it so much, it is in my top 5! It is also one of my mums favourite Christmas movies too :)

Edward Scissor Hands 
I remember watching this movie with my mum when I was a tiny wee tot and always laughing and mocking the lady who walked into Edwards house saying "Avon calling" because I found it so darn funny. Such a great memory haha. Though I have to admit I don't remember watching it in the past few years, it will definitely be one to watch this year. 

Jingle Bells
As long as I can remember this has been a favourite of mine. I have watch this every year and despite my mum not really liking it at first, over the years her dislike for it has turned into a real love hehe. This was also one of the first movies I ever felt like crying at. If you have watched it, you should know the part I am talking about, and if not.... *Whispers* it is the part where Kris gets sold. Heartbreaker. BUT..santa soon makes things better! :D

The Snowman
How can Christmas be complete without watching this classic?! This is my mums favourite closely followed by the sequel, The Snowman and the Snowdog, that was released on Christmas Eve two years ago. My mum says, I quote, "It's so magical" and darn right it is...right?

I guess you could say that it is cheese all the way but oh so Christmassy and nothing beats a proper feel good Christmas movie! 

What are your favourite Christmas movies? 

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