5 December 2014

The Tree..| BLOGMAS #Day5

I had aimed to put up my tree up in bedroom last weekend so I could use it for Blogmas #Day1 but unfortunately got tied up doing other things...
 Anyhow, I just finished putting the xmas decor up in my room (the rest of the house was Christmas-fyed by Wednesday) and it is looking very...Christmasy?

Drumroll please!

Yep. It is a very girlie tree but I've had the decorations since I was little and haven't looked for new ones (particularly blue ones *wink*).

Well there you have it. Welcome to my Blogmas atmosphere! I love this time year as I can switch the main light off and have the tree and fairy lights light up whilst I watch a Christmas movie, in bed, with food! Everything is so cosy and uplifting. It is such a magical time of year!

Have you got your Christmas decorations up yet?

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