7 December 2014

Daily Dilatory December Routine | BLOGMAS #Day7

Happy Blogmas Day 7!  I can't believe I have managed to blog successfully for a week straight. I originally said that I wasn't going to blog everyday but guess it looks like I shall. Yippee :) Today I’m basically going to be talking about my lazy December day routine, which is usually a Saturday or Sunday.
The first thing I do when I wake up at around nine is stay in my bed on my phone checking social media, especially Instagram. Some mornings if my mum has work she will 'dump' Lottie in my bed just before she leaves at about 7 (how she manages to get up and out by that time seems crazy to me!) so I get a Lottie hugs ;) - See what I did there? Lottie = lot of,  a lottie hugs? Hehehe.

Once up at about 9:30 I put on my onesie and will head to the kitchen where I will give Lottie her breakfast, which normally consists of her dog biscuits (which I often find next to the cereal in a similar tub...muuummmm) with a mix of blended vegetables. Then I will make myself a nice cuppa - normally fruit tea such as Mango and Strawberry but right now I am liking the Apple Crunch kind as it tastes great and also has a festive aroma! I then go through to the living room and chill on the sofa with Lottie and watch a bit of TV for about half an hour. 

I then let Lottie out to the garden to the toilet and once she is back in I go back to my bedroom (Lottie tends to follow). I do my morning routine and sit down and do my hair and make up which all together takes about 15 - 30 minutes, especially on a Sunday. If I am going out somewhere nice I may take a little longer. By this point Lottie has found a pillow or a piece of clothing and would be lying asleep on it. Once hair and makeup is done I will then get changed. 

 Lottie sleeping on one of my scarfs right now as I write this.

I then log on the Mac and check for any new youtube videos from those who I am subscribed to including my favourites; PPJT, FunnyMeNow, VloggingBlonde and grav3yargirl. During this time I will also check social media again and catch up on blogging and any homework that may need to be done on the computer. At about 11, I will make toast because I don't eat early as I do not find that I am hungry early in the morning. I’ll also drink more tea. Lottie still following me. My mum also comes home around now so will chat to her and ask how her shift went. I make her a cuppa coffee and she will normally call her mum on the phone :). I head back to my room, this time I close the living door behind me so Lottie can't follow and is stuck in with my mum. This is the most productive time for me. I pull up spotify and blast those tunes and make my bed, clean up my room etc. Once that is done I will then settle down back at my desk and get on with any homework that needs to get done or procrastinate by messing around online. I may even watch a Christmas movie. Just finished The Nativity and moving on to watch The Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger. I also drink more tea.
My mum then heads back out for at about 4:30 (she has a split shift). At this point I normally finish off a blog post and post up another (like what I am doing now). I will then go and give Lottie a walk for half an hour or so. It isn't very long before she has had enough and starts jumping up on my legs to get carried. Love this about her. 
Once back I drink even more tea. Between about 5 and 7 I have no daily routine really. It depends on what I have to do. I may watch TV, take photos, blog, watch more youtube videos and possibly drink even more tea. I do lots of different things, depending on the day. Oh, but at about 6 I will feed Lottie.

At 7, I make my own tea and sit down and eat it. I may even make my mums tea too for when she gets back :).Today I made Carrot and Parsnip soup with coriander. Took a bloody long time for what is is! At about 9 my mum comes in and I go out...partying!!! Joking, I actually go to Tesco. Especially if it is a Saturday night which is a movie night for myself!
 I will be home at about 9:30. If it is a Saturday, I will I do my night time routine, say goodnight to my mum - who is probably in her bed with Lottie already - and will watch a film on my computer in bed accompanied by popcorn, chocolate and basically more tea. I probably fall asleep at about 1am? However, if it is a Sunday night I will set my bag for school in the morning and lay out my clothes etc. I will then shove on the Eastenders Omnibus and fall asleep at some point through that. (I need to have the mac/tv on as it actually helps me to fall asleep faster and easier, that is why I shove the omnibus on as I know that I will fall asleep sometime during it. Weird, I know. Does anyone else find that too? Silence for me is a no no).

*During the weekend I also find time to do my nails as I hate them being chipped or bare.*

Hope you’ve enjoyed this. I don't tend to share my every day routine mainly because I don't really have one. I just go with the flow. However, this is what I do roughly. 

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