2 December 2014

What Christmas means to me. | BLOGMAS #Day2

 Growing up, I can honestly say that for me, Christmas was all about snow, presents and being around the family. It was the one month I looked forward to the most, decorating the Christmas tree, opening my advent calendar and the day surrounded by my family and enjoying each others company.
As I grew older, I became wiser and started thinking about what this time of year actually meant and what Christmas Day was all about. And of course, I ain't gonna lie and say that I still didn't enjoy the presents but I realised that on that day, there was more important things.
Always been talented when it comes to makeup then ;)
As I grew up I also started to understand much more about my faith. Christianity. Therefore Christmas means so much and it seems that every year I seem less bothered about the presents but more so about spending it with my favourite people in the world; my family.
Uptown this year for the lights getting switched on :)
When I was born my mum and dad split up so I never had that experience of spending Christmas with both parents. Instead it was spent with my mum and uncle who at the time lived with us. My mum and I moved out of Edinburgh when I was five for a few years 'across the water', but soon discovered that our hearts belonged back in Edinburgh so packed our bags and returned. Ever since, my uncle has always came down to our house on Christmas Eve to celebrate and stay the night :)

You can call me heartless but I haven't seen my father nor his family for over 10 years now. But despite this I don't feel like I am missing out on anything as I sometimes wonder if I would be as close to those who are in my life if I was to still see my father. However, it has become a tradition that we gather at a relatives house on Christmas Day and celebrate this wonderful time together. I have to admit that even last year there were times of utter madness with about 15 people and two dogs in one house, but this year...I wonder how crazy it is going to be with the addition of two puppies and a baby! So much love in one single room. At the same time as all the excitement is happening we can't forget those who we love so dearly but can't be with us. That is what can make this time of year that bit more harder.
Yep. That is my mum with a bag on her head.
My cousin in 2009 #TB
Though a lot has changed, for me, a lot has stayed the same. I try to stay focused on what the season is really about and not get caught up in the monetary side of things.

Over time I have learnt that it is not about the biggest and most presents you give or receive. It is not about the amount of food that is laid out on the table. It is not about drinking till you can't remember what happened (even though it can be funny to see relatives 'steaminnn'). Its not even about opening your presents. It is about being surrounded by the ones that mean the world to you as you remember that little baby that was born in a manger.

Christmas is the time that I am most thankful for the life I have been given. Despite going through the crappiest year in my life, it has made me think and enjoy every minute a whole lot more and makes me focus on making each and every moment count.

What does Christmas mean to you?

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