22 January 2015


Isn't that a surprise...after her roll as Gabriella Montez in one of my favourite cheesy-musicals - High School Musical - she has became a huge inspiration and herione for young girls all around the world. Honestly, I love her. Definitely my #WCW haha.

But seriously, after hours and hours of my life so far spent watching the High School Musical franchise, Beastly, Gimme Shelter, Thunderbirds, Spring Breakers, Sucker Punch, Journey 2 and of course, Bandslam (where I get the '5' from) multiple times, I soon realised that if I could switch lives & looks with one person, I would absolutely choose Vanessa Hudgens.
She is absolutely friken gorgeous! Some of you may not agree, which is fine as we don't all have the same perception of what is beautiful. Though personally, I think she has the most amazing facial feautures, figure & hair...ever. I'm starting to go into supreme fangirl mode now, so I will shh...but the pictures speak for themselves surely. Her confidence is just as wondeful as her beauty, she is extreamly inspirational & such a sweet, talented person.
Her style. I do get bored of seeing the same old when it comes to celebrities, but I also understand that those who do like to try and be a different and bit...'out there', can also get it wrong just as getting it right or becoming the next massive trend. I actually love how Vanessa can switch up her style. From classy to boho, she keeps it simple, yet so stylish. Vanessas style is very sharp and festivel go-er like...if you get what I mean. No matter where she is going, whether it's Coachella or just to a yoga class, I love her dress sense. Oh, and not to mention her choice of accessories that are to die for and top off each and every outfit.

She has such a sweet voice and laugh but yet she can change that to fit in with any roll for a movie. I will admit though her laugh can be rather annoying sometimes due to the pitch of it but mannn is it much better than a chuckle or a cackle! Oh, and she also sings (She is currently on broadway as GiGi in the musical...GiGi!)

Vanessa also inspires me with her makeup. She is able to pull off the smokey-est eyes going and the reddest lips but can also go pretty much makeup-less (I don't say completely makeup-less as she doesn't really walk out in public without a little bit of makeup on). She can be a bronzed goddess, or a pale beauty. She suits almost it all.

Urgh, she is just so gorgeous - I'm jealous.
Are there any other "Baby V" fans out there?

*All images taken in this post are from Google*

19 January 2015


Happy Monday! This weeks tune will definitely help fight those Monday blues....

You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile - by Sia

This song is from the popular Broadway musical, Annie, written by Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin. In the 2014 movie of Annie, Sia Furler covers the song, 'You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile', for the soundtrack. The single has charted in Australia and in Poland where it has became an airplay hit. The song peaked at 8th position on the Polish Airplay Top 20 Chart.
(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

If you are unaware, Annie is a 2014 American musical comedy-drama film which is a contemporary adaption of the 1977 Broadway musical. The 2014 film starts Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie and Jamie Foxx as Will Stacks - an updated version of Daddy Warbucks. The film also co-stars Cameron Diaz and the lovely Rose Bryne. 
This song will defenitely help put a smile on your face. I hope you have enjoyed this weeks #MusicMonday and just remember, keep smiling! :)
(so cheesy, I know)

17 January 2015


As I said on Monday as part of the #MusicMonday 'special', I promised more was to come involving the amazingly talented, Kevin McGuire. So guess what? Here is more, enjoy!

Since picking up a guitar at the age of 14 and beginning his music career at 17, Kevin McGuire has risen through the music industry in the good old fashioned way.

Seeing the launch of his career a few years ago, Kevin McGuire from Glasgow has gone on to support the likes of Basshunter and UnionJ on tour and preform at fantastic venues such as Glasgow's 02 Academy and the Barrowlands.

Just before Kevin goes on to support Alex Goot at King Tuts on Monday, (Read more about it here), I was very fortunate to have the chance to interview this rising star and ask him about his career so far, celebrity crushes and top secret news you're all dying to know!
(Please note that the following videos may not be available on all platforms.)

At what age did you begin singing and playing musical instruments? 

Who or what inspires you most?

Why did you choose singing over a more conventional Career? And if you couldn’t sing, what other job would you consider?

What has been the best advice you have been given and who was it from?

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue this career?

Do you still get nervous before going on stage? If so how do you overcome this? 

Celebrity crush?

Is there a genre of music that you can't stand listening to?

You have a gig coming up on the 19th of January supporting Alex Goot. How excited are you for this? 

What can we expect from you in the future?

With so much in 2015 to look forward to, this is just the start for Kevin McGuire as his fandom continues to grow and grow every single day.

Why not check his new acoustic version of 'Runnin' Back' here. You can also find all Kevin's links below to Facebook, Twitter and what not :)
(Includes his original music plus covers)

And remember, "Life is not a dress rehearsal".

12 January 2015


Hey Hey Everyone! To help fight those Monday Blues many of us are suffering from (including myself!) here is a #MusicMonday special. What makes it special you may be wondering? Soon you will find out...

This weeks choice of song is by one of the nicest, kindest, awesome-est...(?), down-to-earth guys that I have had the pleasure of supporting for the past 2-3 years.

'Runnin' Back ' - By Kevin McGuire ft. KizMusic

I cannot express the love and support I have for Kevin McGuire. No matter whether he covers One Direction, Adele, Maroon 5 or Owl City he continues to blow people away with his outstanding voice and talent. With many videos on his Youtube channel, KevinMcGuireOfficial, and songs on his Soundcloud, KevinMcguire, he keeps reeling in the support from people all over. 
(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

Kevin McGuire began his music career at the age of 17 and has already played at brilliant, well known venues such as Glasgow's 02 Academy, Barrowlands and King Tuts. He has already been on tour around the country with Union J and has supported acts such as District 3, Basshunter and many more wonderful.
Also, on 19th January, Kevin McGuire is supporting Alex Goot (you can check a previous #MusicMonday featuring him here) at the King Tuts in Glasgow and tickets only cost a tenner! You can get tickets here. It will be a wonderful gig that you don't want to miss out on so grab your ticket now!

Kevin McGuire has continued to pull in more and more fans with his talent and beautiful voice and sits with over 4.5K followers on twitter alone. You need to watch this space, so why don't you join the fan base and support Kevin McGuire! You will find all his links down below :)

(Includes his original music plus covers)

You probably are still curious as to what makes this a Music Monday Special...well Kevin has kindly done an interview for my blog which will be up very soon as a Part 2 of this post (you could say)! 
I am so excited as this will be the first interview I have done for my blog and it couldn't of been with a better person. I cannot wait till I share it with you all :)
(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

8 January 2015

HELLO 2015

After a turbulent year, I am determined to make 2015 the best that I possibly can. I can't say I have ever really stuck to resolutions, but I want to make a list of things I'd like try and achieve then at the end of this year to be able to look back and see which I have managed to do. I think it's important to set goals and aims to give you something to look forward to and strive towards. It's also a fantastic feeling once you manage to accomplish something, don't you agree?
  Think more positively.
I would say that in some situations I am able to see the positive aspects but definitely not enough.I would usually think more about the negatives before the positive despite being a "glass half full" type of person. This year I need to stop letting negatives prevent me from doing things and start thinking of the positives and also start looking for the great things in sticky situations.
♥ Be the best version of you.
I like the quote as it encourages you to be the best that you can be and to surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you. It can be easy to lose yourself but I think that this quote will bring you back round and remind you just to be you and to tell anyone who prevents this to sod off! Don't be anything but yourself.

♥ Drink more water.
I can admit that I don't drink as much water as I should but this is because I am not a naturally thirsty person and it doesn't take a lot of liquid before I begin to feel sick or like I'm going to burst from the inside out. This year I am going to drink a lot more whether I drink two litres a day or just come close, it will be a big improvement.

♥ Be more organised.
I am rather useless at keeping track of homework and generally life events. However, this year has already got off to a good start as I have filled in dates etc for my blog in my blogging planner. I am also in the process of getting a 2015 diary for personal use so I can carry it around with me and continue to keep track of what's going on in order to make sure that I don't get on top of myself and stressed out with not knowing what is going on.

♥ Choose the healthier option...sometimes.
That title could have easily just been "eat healthy" but I know that I am just setting an unreasonable and unachievable goal. I simply just need to eat a bit more healthier and choose a slightly healthier option every now and then. This isn't because I am overweight, because I do believe I am skinny due to having a very speedy metabolism but I do worry sometimes that the food I eat is doing no good at all for my inside. Plus I would also like to feel healthier and happier with the way I am inside and out.

♥ Start a youtube channel
As some may know a couple of years ago, I started uploading videos to my channel but have recently either deleted or privatised the videos to start a fresh. This is not because I want to become the next big youtuber, but it will help with my blog as instead of just posting a written monthly favourite, I can switch it up a bit. Plus it will help with my confidence. :)

♥ Use my camera more for photography.
I have always had a passion for photography and for an early birthday present in August 2014 I got a DSLR camera, a Canon 70D to be exact. It was bought so I could take better photos but so far has mostly been use for my blog. Though I will still continue to use it for my blog, I will be using it mainly for photography - the reason why it was bought.

♥ Test my fear for heights.
My fear of heights is a huge problem for me however not my top feat, which is injections as even at the thought of a needle getting pushed through my skin often causes me to squirm. Despite having that as a huge phobia, I think possibly hypnotism may have to be put to the test. Anyway, as I have said, heights is my next top phobia . Over the past few years I have completed many achievements that test that such as the 100ft aerial assault course at Ratho, Go Ape! which is hundreds of feet up and also went up the Squrr which is the highest 'hill' at 1,289ft (It's practically a mountain) on the island Eigg when I visited it a couple of years ago. Despite achieving these and many other little things, I am still left feeling anxious about it and try to avoid it. As I am sick of 'being scared of heights' this year I am going to attempt to complete as many adventures that enable me to face the fear. After all, this time I am going to have to forget the "don't look down" concept as you can't face a fear without looking at it.

♥ Become more comfortable in my own skin.
I often concentrate and worry about how people view me and what they think of me which makes me feel trapped in my own skin and wish for things to be different. Such as, I wish I didn't have dyslexia or even be socially awkward (Social Anxiety) as it can take longer for someone to get to know "the real me". It also makes me a avoid situations such as a gatherings where I don't really know anyone. This is really starting to get to me so this year I am going to attempt and change this by getting on good terms with myself, my appearance, flaws and things that make me, me.
Though some of your resolutions may be to stop doing something, start stopping today. It is easy to get caught up in the thinking part but eventually we need to start doing what we said we would do. There is no time like the present, because it is always right now, therefore start heading towards completing your goal(s) right now. I know I have already.

What challenges and resolutions have you set yourself for 2015? I would love to hear.

*Please note: Only the first photo on the post does not belong to me. All the rest do.*

5 January 2015


Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have had a good 2015 so far ;)
I was wondering whether or not to do a #MusicMonday post this week as it would be my first post of 2015 so wasn't too sure if I should wait till Wednesday to upload my "Hello 2015." blog post but have decided to stick to the schedule I have set to follow through this year. 

Since it is a new year, I have decided to stop blogging so much about the musical Wicked. Yep, heartbreaking. If I didn't decide that, this weeks #MusicMonday would of totally been "As Long As You're Mine" as I have been listening to it constantly, but nope. Can't do that. So instead I have chosen....

Popular Song - by Mika

This song was released as the second single in the US from Mika's third studio album, The Origin of Love. The song features singer Ariana Grande. Having said that this is where I have kind-of cheated.... The song was indeed written by Mika (and a few others) but is actually an updated cover of the original version, based on the song "Popular" from the musical...yes you guessed it...Wicked! A funny story actually is that when I seen Wicked for the first time last year I thought they took Mika's song and adapted it, not the other way around. So when I came out of the Playhouse I googled the song and soon discovered the truth behind it all. I couldn't believe that for al the years I have been listening to Mika, I hadn't realised this.
(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

Anyhow, getting back on track. The original album version of the song features vocals from Priscilla Renea and features a few bad words here and there. However, the single version features Ariana Grande instead of Priscilla Renea, removes the expletives and instrumental arrangement and tempo has been altered to create a version which heavily links to Mika's former hits
The music video was released on 29 April 2013 and features a gothic theme, being set in a "spooky, dark, "Addams Family"-esque high school" and has reached over 85 million views as of today! If you haven't heard this song already, I suggest you do so as it is a great hit!

Again, I hope you had a good New Year and I will see you in a few days with a new blogpost called "Hello 2015." so I will leave the guessing down to you on what it will be about ;)

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