22 January 2015


Isn't that a surprise...after her roll as Gabriella Montez in one of my favourite cheesy-musicals - High School Musical - she has became a huge inspiration and herione for young girls all around the world. Honestly, I love her. Definitely my #WCW haha.

But seriously, after hours and hours of my life so far spent watching the High School Musical franchise, Beastly, Gimme Shelter, Thunderbirds, Spring Breakers, Sucker Punch, Journey 2 and of course, Bandslam (where I get the '5' from) multiple times, I soon realised that if I could switch lives & looks with one person, I would absolutely choose Vanessa Hudgens.
She is absolutely friken gorgeous! Some of you may not agree, which is fine as we don't all have the same perception of what is beautiful. Though personally, I think she has the most amazing facial feautures, figure & hair...ever. I'm starting to go into supreme fangirl mode now, so I will shh...but the pictures speak for themselves surely. Her confidence is just as wondeful as her beauty, she is extreamly inspirational & such a sweet, talented person.
Her style. I do get bored of seeing the same old when it comes to celebrities, but I also understand that those who do like to try and be a different and bit...'out there', can also get it wrong just as getting it right or becoming the next massive trend. I actually love how Vanessa can switch up her style. From classy to boho, she keeps it simple, yet so stylish. Vanessas style is very sharp and festivel go-er like...if you get what I mean. No matter where she is going, whether it's Coachella or just to a yoga class, I love her dress sense. Oh, and not to mention her choice of accessories that are to die for and top off each and every outfit.

She has such a sweet voice and laugh but yet she can change that to fit in with any roll for a movie. I will admit though her laugh can be rather annoying sometimes due to the pitch of it but mannn is it much better than a chuckle or a cackle! Oh, and she also sings (She is currently on broadway as GiGi in the musical...GiGi!)

Vanessa also inspires me with her makeup. She is able to pull off the smokey-est eyes going and the reddest lips but can also go pretty much makeup-less (I don't say completely makeup-less as she doesn't really walk out in public without a little bit of makeup on). She can be a bronzed goddess, or a pale beauty. She suits almost it all.

Urgh, she is just so gorgeous - I'm jealous.
Are there any other "Baby V" fans out there?

*All images taken in this post are from Google*


  1. Vanessa is pretty, you're right! But I love her hair a lot! :)

  2. Haha she is pretty gorgeous alright! Great post girl!


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