5 February 2015


This year I have decided to mix things up a little bit and change monthly favourites to monthly round ups! You might be wondering what the difference is; now I will be including what I've been watching, doing and things I am looking forward to as well as including a couple of monthly favourites!

To get started, in January I had been:

Watching: Eastenders. Other than that, I don't really watch TV. With that said however, I had finished season one of American Horror Story within only two days! I really don't like horrors, so didn't think I would like this but was I wrong!

Doing: I had a fair amount of revision to do for prelims (especially close reading, ugh!), whilst I started using my DSLR camera a lot more. I got up at 5:30am on the 29th to head out with my dog and camera to catch the sun rise. On top of this I done lots of blog planning, drinking a lot more water...and tea...which isn't as good...but overall eating healthier and drinking more smoothies. I started to plan my first YouTube video...but hasn't gone too well..expect a delay in that. And finally, I had been contacted by a couple of companies and I can't wait to show you some of the projects we're working on!

Looking forward to:  Starting YouTube, watching season two of American Horror Story, finding out who killed Lucy in Eastenders. Oh and the one Year Birthday/Anniversary of my blog is coming up this month (22nd of February)!
Exciting times ahead! 

January favourites include:

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 'Dark Night Water - Oops' at £6.49
This season I have felt a bit more daring when it comes to lip colour and have purchased a few dark coloured lipsticks in the past month or so, including this one. I think that this colour would suit all skin tones if you are daring enough. The formula is super creamy and moisturises the lips and I have found that it lasts a good amount of time but when you feel like you need to re-apply it, it doesn't go lumpy like some other lipsticks. Lastly, the pigmentation is quite powerful but you can always go kissing tissues and cotton wool pads to blot the excess off and tone it down. I have worn this lipstick a lot this winter and have received many compliments for it.

MUA Lipstick in 'Shade 1' at a bargain price of only £1
This was actually the first major dark lipstick I bought in mid-November as I wanted to try out a dark lippy before splashing out more money in case I didn't like it on me. That's why I can always rely on MUA to produce cheap products that are of a good standard when I feel like testing out something new. I have been using this lipstick almost as an everyday make up product as the colour is a rich, cherry red. However this shade is a lot more redder and brighter than what I wanted at the time but now I actually have grown to like it. The only major disadvantage is that the staying time isn't the best - you can possibly make it 4 hours if you were careful. But what do you want for a quid? In this case you certainly get what you paid for if not more. 

Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara in 'Extreme Black 003' at £7.99
After spotting this golden goddess of mascaras in a 'Any 2 Rimmel products for £10' deal in Superdrug, my hands reached out instantly to it. I was skeptical at first because since it has argan oil added to it so I thought it would cling to eyelashes as well but I was wrong. This Wonder'Full mascara covers every lash from top to bottom...well root to tip and adds length and volume whilst separating each lash to give a fuller but lengthier effect. After application I didn't feel like my lashes were caked or heavy so much so, I could rub my eyes and it stayed put. I'd say this is a makeup bag must have!

H! by Henry Holland Checked faux-fur collar coat from Debenhams for £89.00 £44.50
I had my eyes on this coat with a faux-fur removable collar since early September when I was hunting for a new winter coat. This cherry coloured check coat is certainly the cream of the crop. Seeing the price of it at almost £90 did put me off but on Christmas day I had a lovely surprise when I was given this from my Uncle! I've barely taken it off! 

Red Herring Light blue teddy fur coat from Debenhams for £69.00 £34.50
I got this beautiful, fluffy coat as a gift at the end of November from my mum as she knew I was looking for a new coat to keep me all snug and warm this winter, and boy does  this baby blue heavily coat do that! I even love it more as blue is my favourite colour. If I haven't be wearing the H! by Henry Holland coat, this has been on my back.
*Look out for a couple of OOTD's coming up including both these gorgeous coats!*

I hope that you have enjoyed this months (well Januarys) round up and like the new adaptation.

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  1. The lipsticks have really pretty colors and I love the Henry Holland Checked coat. :)

    Pumpkin Emily Smiles


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