2 February 2015


After taking a week off from blogging due to prelims, I am back with this weeks #MusicMonday. This weeks choice of song is by someone who I have been supporting for about..3 years now since he came to our school to preform.
A wee #TB

Thinking Out Loud- Originally by Ed Sheeran, covered by TJ Bilham.

(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

Some people reading this may already be aware that I am a fan of multi-talented singer/songwriter, TJ Bilham.
Like I said, I first heard about TJ Bilham about 3 years ago when my school announced that he was coming to preform at our sports day and my FCT teacher at the time, decided to pull up a video on youtube of him covering a very popular Script song.

(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

When TJ Bilham came he preformed two of his songs, Summertime and One More KissTo be honest I didn't take much interest at the time until a a few days after I followed him on twitter and got into a conversation about playing guitar and then embarrassing myself by not realising Monaco was in France (You wouldn't believe that I have taken Geography right through high school). 

In the first year of supporting him my friends say I was quite...obsessed? Though I don't know quite how to put it myself. Maybe OTT? I made a point of keeping and collecting leaflet things from his gigs I had gone to and putting them up on my wall. (I was about 14 at this time...the age most girls go through extreme-fan-girl mode)

I did not expect something as small as this...
(Excuse the crappy drawing!)

To turn into something like this...
Fair enough, only part of the wall (middle section) is coved in 'TJ Bilham' posters and stuff but it is still quite a lot!
(Oh and I did not take the massive poster haha! He signed it and gave it at the last gig I went to.)

Moving on swiftly. Over the past couple of years, TJ has preformed gigs and has supported many HUGE names such as Steps, Peter Andre and Sir Tom Jones! As well as the British Forces Foundation inviting TJ at the end of 2013, to preform at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, along side Katherine Jenkins! 

Talking about gigs, if you live in and or around London and fancy seeing TJ Bilham support X-Factor act, Rebecca Ferguson between the 16th and 21st of February make sure you grab a ticket! I know I would, but since I sometimes have a hard time convincing my mum to go through to Glasgow (especially on those school nights) for one of his gigs, I'm pretty sure London is a no-go! ;)

TJ Bilham is a name to look out for in the future as he is always writing "#newmusic" and uploading covers to YouTube. Also, if you haven't already, check out his music, maybe give his Facebook a like and even shoot him a tweet on twitter.

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