28 May 2015


I know recently I have been lacking with the blogposts but as explained in Monday's post, there is a reason. 
Taking a blast to the past to when I was in primary school, I made the decision that I wanted to do away with my long hair and get a bob. Yep, BIG mistake. At the time I loved it but about 7-8 years later I find myself still trying to grow it to the length it used to be.

However thanks to GoldCrush Hair I am a few more inches closer than what I would be - so much so, I don't actually mind the length of my hair too much now.
GoldCrush is a new hair supplement, founded by Alicia Gold, bursting with vitamins which are specially formulated to help boost the nutrients in our bodies. These help towards the maintenance of healthy hair, nails and skin because healthy hair starts from the inside. It supports cell growth and helps in keeping your follicles in-check so you can achieve healthy, beautiful hair with the bonus of healthier skin and nails!

I love the fact that I feel I know exactly what I am getting and nothing is hidden from you as everything in this product is clearly labeled.
The wee capsules of golden wonder have Biotin, Collagen, MSM, Bamboo Silica, Spirulina, a bunch of vitamins including A, C and D, alongside Folic Acid, Calcium and Iron. Full list can be viewed here. The capsules are free from gluten, wheat, lactose, artificial colourings, added sugar, preservatives, yeast and are suitable for vegetarians - which is a bonus as I am a vegetarian myself.
(p/c: GoldCrush Hair)
With the two months worth of capsules I was also sent a checklist with a sticker for each month so that I could keep track if I had taken them that day or not. I suggest putting the checklist somewhere you look daily such as your desk, next to your TV or even put it on your fridge. I also received a progress GoldCrush t-shirt to help track hair length and growth.
You are to take two of these capsules with water and preferably a meal each day. I took mine before just before lunch for the two months.

Overall, did this product work?
(My hair has grown almost four inches in two months!)

Yes! Though it can take about 2 months for you to start seeing results, I saw a difference in the health of my hair from about 2-3 weeks! I got a haircut just before I started to take this supplement as GoldCrush Hair does not change the condition of any dead-ends and strands so I wanted to start off 'fresh'. After seeing the results and improvement of the length and condition of my hair, I would definitely recommend trying these out for yourself as I found that they worked a treat! You can chose how many months you want from just one to a whole year and you can even sign up to a monthly subscription where you can save £2 per month! Check it the website out here!

Do you have any tips for growing your hair? I would love to know as I still would like my hair to be longer!
c/o GoldCrush Hair


  1. Your hair looks great! Really want to try this but I'm very poor at the moment haha x

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