7 June 2015


I am blonde! Well, half blonde...maybe? 
Two things I have been dreaming about for quite some time now is ombré locks and the return of luscious long hair that I once had. Let's face it, despite the affect of GoldCrush Hair, I am still a bit away from the length I would like my hair to be at. Let's say a good four/five inches longer would be nice. The ombré hair on the other hand happened last week thanks to those across the water (I'm talking the Firth of Forth) at Lox Hair Design, Dunfermline.
Luckily for me, only the ends have been dyed and my roots (and still most of my hair) have been left untouched. Which is a good thing as I always worried about the damage that may be caused despite being tired of the same hair I have had for like...ever and wanting a wee change! And it's like what Emma (the lovely hairdresser who done my hair) said, "It's the first time dying your hair and you chose this?!".

I love having my ends blonde as it's much easier to manipulate when it comes to colour, which I had tested less that 24 hours after my hair was dyed. With the aid of hair chalk I bought yonks ago I achieved the following look;

Well hasn't this post been filled with 'selfies' hehe

I liked it a lot but felt I still like the blonde ends more unlike my mum - who to my surprise - likes the multi-coloure more! 

Since getting my hair dyed I have also taking the time (And spent the money!) to invest in some new hair products for coloured treated hair which I hope to share with you in the next couple of days or so alongside my hair care regime.  But until then,

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