26 June 2015

PROM 2015

Prom, eek! For me it was on the 12th June, so it's about time I published this post that I've had waiting for over a week! As this was my leavers prom as I go to University in September, I though there would be a few tears shed as I could probably count the number of people I will never see again, including teachers. We rented out the Thistle Room at the International
Murryfield Rugby Stadium near the city centre and had a bar, food served, a DJ and a wee band. We had a sit down 3-course meal which was great and the vegetarian option was delicious! I was sat at table 1 with some of my good friends and two of my favourite teachers - My HFT teacher Mrs Coull and my guidance teacher Mr Lynch. As for what I wore, I loved my outfit and hope I can wear it again at some point!

The dress: Since it is no secret that I don't really like fancy dresses I thought it would be difficult to find a dress I would love. I didn't want to go for a maxi-dress which seems to be the go-to dress for a prom as I didn't think it's really me though I originally considered one as I would then be able to get away with wearing converses instead of heels. However I then found the perfect prom dress (for me) in the one place I will always turn to - Jones and Jones!  They design short skater-like dresses that are fit for any occasion.
Available for £75.00 (not including student discount) from here.

The shoes: Im not really a heel lover but instead a converse lover. Having planned to wear converses to prom I though finding the perfect converses would be easy. Little did I know finding the magical pair of heels I did would be much more easier! Just back story, I went into the shoe store Schuh, with my mum looking at converses with gems and fancy designs on them, but I couldn't find a pair that would go well with my dress. As we were walking back through the shop to leave I came across probably the coolest shoe designer section with the most amazing heels I've probably seen, including these beauties.

(Irregular Choice Indeed!)

At that moment I knew theses were going to be my shoes for the leavers dance as they were unique yet not too high so that I couldn't walk in them. After purchasing insoles for them because I have thin and narrow feet, I found these super comfy to walk in (and dance!) so much so I kept them on the whole night! Even the next day I had no cuts or blisters nor were my feet sore, great pair of heels if you ask me!
I also thought they reminded me of Wicked's Nessarose shoes before the spell was casted on them (AKA. Dorothy shoes but white) and Cinderella's glass slippers.
The heels are £69.00 from here.

The bag: I had been eyeing this bag down for quite a while before prom but never bought it since I have many clutches already. When I purchased my prom shoes I got online straight away and ordered this bag as I knew that it would go perfect with not only the dress but the shoes as they were both metallic. They both made the dress more 'prommy' and a bit more fancy as they helped bring out the pinks and purples from the dress.
It was only £12.99 but unavailable now.

My hair: I had my hair ombré'd two weeks before prom as I knew I didn't want to get it put up as I don't think I suit it up. I kinda wanted to wear it as I do everyday - mostly straight but sometimes curly - but realised that was just too ordinary so that is why I decided to get it ombré. Plus, I had considered it for a while but just needed to convince my mum. 
For prom I had my hair between curly and wavy as I felt it was more classy (for me) with it literally thrown over my shoulder (a little less classy).

As for pictures, I got PLENTY thanks to the two paparazzi's that night *wink* - my Mum and Nanny - alongside some extra pics taken by other parents.  :)
Here is a 'few':
Overall, I had a brilliant night full of talk, laughter and dancing spending with some of my friends, teachers, and a few people I will probably never see again (cheery, I know) but no tears! And here is to the start of a new chapter in my life! :D

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