13 July 2015


Happy (?) Monday everyone! 
This week I bring to you a #MusicMonday song choice that has been in the charts for a wee bit now but I don't care.

'All Cried Out' - By Blonde ft. Alex Newell

Just to start off by saying, I love this song mostly because of the wonderful Alex Newell. I first came across him four years ago when I started watching the first season of 'The Glee Project' which was a reality television series from Oxygen. It basically served as an audition for the Fox musical comedy

9 July 2015


Hi guys! As you know I'm a huge addict of Instagram and am on it everyday posting pieces of my life, blog updates, bits of inspiration and so on. But the reason I love it most is I get to follow awesome people - friends, bloggers...Vanessa Hudgens...and people like yourself as I fill my feed with some of the most inspiring and beautiful accounts. 

4 July 2015


If I can recall I have only ever shared with you one smoothie recipe on the blog before which happened to be one of my first few blog posts (a wee blast from the past!). Though it was more of a not-so-healthy one for those who like Nutella...and cream. 

This smoothie - which I made this morning - is a much healthier blend yet still delicious and the antioxidant-rich green tea in it makes it a nutritional powerhouse! 

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