24 August 2015


Like most people, music has been a HUGE part of my life and has made me who I am today. Hashtag common white girl material?

 In four days I turn 18. Which is super exciting yet overwhelming. In this #MusicMonday Special post, I will be going back about 10 years to when I actually developed my own music taste and started to leave those kids tunes and rhymes behind! 

I became quite independent from a young age (I like to think) traveling to guitar lessons on my own with my mermaid of a guitar - which was a big thing for me as a lil' kid.
(Not the best photo)

12 August 2015


Following Part 1 of my haul from Boho Moon, I will be showing more items I received from the store. Since I went through necklaces last time, I will be showing you everything else from rings, bracelets and phone cases today.

6 August 2015


Now, before you ask why on earth I would review a deodorant because after all a deodorant is well...a deodorant, let me tell you. After becoming fully aware of how damaging aerosol deodorants are, I wanted to make the switch to a natural, non-pore clogging roll on. That's where AA Skincare come in.

The AA Skincare range combines essential oils alongside natural ingredients - such as Aloe - to create a number of amazing and natural products that don't cost the earth! 
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