16 September 2015


First off, I would just like to point out that this is my 100th blogpost!! And what a fitting time as I share with you some photos from my recent holiday to celebrate my 18th, enjoy!  

On Friday 28th August I celebrated my 18th Birthday, so I thought it was about time to share with you the experience through some photos. It was an amazing day spent away on holiday with some of my family. I also want to take this time to thank you guys for the lovely tweets, Facebook messages and even the short and sweet Instagram comments I received - they made me smile :)

I went away to a tiny island just off of mainland Scotland called Eigg for a week to celebrate

my 18th Birthday. I chose to visit Eigg, as three years ago I went with a group of friends from school and fell in love with the island. It was scorching hot (reaching 27*C at some points!) and there was so much to discover despite being such a small island. However, this year, the weather wasn't as great but was apparently the best they had seen for a wee while according to a local. The first day or so for us was a mix of grey clouds bringing little showers and blue skies with white fluffy clouds brining the sun. As the week went on, it heated up and the skies became bluer and overall a lot sunnier and hotter.
It was awesome to spend a week away with some members of my family (due to school/college/uni/work, some couldn't make it) walking right around the island, visiting the many beaches - including the 'Singing Sands' which the island is popular for as when the sand is dry and you walk on it, it sings...well squeaks -, visiting caves and climbing up An Sgurr which Eigg is known for and can be spotted from miles away.

And my cake. Oh mother of everything sweet and colourful, was this cake not amazing. It was made from different coloured sponges stuck together with butter cream and then covered in two types of meringue, the normal kind and another kind which I can't remember (which are the coloured ones on the cake). I'm obsessed with rainbow cakes and I actually received some on my last birthday (thanks again Mairi!) and I just think every cake should be as wonderful.
And just a few more photos.

We also found a rope swing thing...and when I say we, I mean my Nanny - who was well impressed by it! 
Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. I know posts generally have been lacking, but a lot has been happening for instance starting university and a new job but more reviews and all things wonderful and life related are planned, so look out!

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