7 November 2015


Social media is not reality.
Unknowingly we have slowly been sucked into a fake world within social media and find that we have spent a lot of our lives addicted to it. Not only that but we have become obsessed with the way we are viewed by others that we have never even met before. We have become addicted to social standards, social status and social approval.

Social media is contrived edited images and videos ranked against one another. It is a system that is based off of social approval, views, followers, likes and even comments. How can we see our true
talents if we are constantly viewing others and comparing their social approval to ours? We are finding ourselves drowning in the illusion. We are letting a number define us, and when you let yourself be defined by a number, you let yourself be defined by something that is not pure, that is not healthy and that is not real
For some of us, we are so buried into this fake world, we are unaware the delusional powers of social media and the impact it has on our lives and even our personalities. Many of us turn ourselves into machines that produce what others want, never really valuing our true self. With the expectations, pressure and fear of failing other people's wants, we become scared that "if other's don't like me, then I'll have no value to this world". This way of thinking can trap us and kill our creativity. We become so enslaved in everyone else's opinions we become uninspired, unhappy, and brainwashed. What happened to the time where we could share things with others and feel like no one judged it or compared it? What happened to the time where we could create and produce without limitation, editing or filters? Surely that's not just for little kids.
Instagram for me is the big one, maybe because I've been so consumed in it. Instagram is the app that allows us to instantly take a photograph and then instantly share it. Instantly, oh how far from that it is. Over time it has developed into something that isn't an instant action. 

The images that you see me post, have gone through countless re-takes, huge amounts of judgment and scrutiny from myself identifying faults and insecurities and then facing a number of editing apps all before I upload it for the public eye to view.
I never used to be like this. At first, it was all about capturing and expressing real beauty, real feelings, real life. As my account has grown I have become sucked in to something that I was unaware of. Social standards. I had no feeling of inspiration, passion or purpose. Gone. 
Recently something within me has clicked. I don't want to be liked by everyone. I want to be me. I want a place where I can give and share my creativity through the forms of photography and art - both huge passions of mine. I don't want to be defined by the number of followers I have, or the number of likes one of my uploads get. All I want is a world of individual beings following their heart and doing what makes them happy. Something that will not be found in social approval, for that in itself is an illusion based on artificial ideas, emotions, and identity.
Identity. You can never tell who some really is like over a social media platform. Let's take Jay Alvarrez for example. I know this is a sensitive area so I don't want to go too in depth. I've followed the individuals behind the @mylifeonsundays account since I first joined Instagram which included Jay and his old best friend Ethan(@eazycreaturez). Jay in particular, posted photographs that expressed how he felt about nature and the ocean and how he connected to it. Now it's just photos of him and his girlfriend that someone else has taken. "GOALS GOALS GOALS". No, stop. They are not life goals. I mean yeah it's cool, they fly around the world and make epic videos. But what you see is not real life. This is explained perfectly by Ethan in a recent video he uploaded to his YouTube channel. I was going to include it in this post but decided it's slightly off topic. You can watch it however by clicking here
Being jealous of a life that isn't real is a dangerous territory to dwell in. My point being, nothing is what it seems on social media, and you know it yourself. We have to stop being so obsessed with living this fake life that creates insecurity and a need for validation. We need to get out there and start living a true, inspirational life. Life is better when you live it in 3D, unfiltered...unedited.

You are reading this because you are revolutionary, you are a game changer. You might no be aware of your power yet - I'm only discovering mine now - but when you do...it will feel wonderful. It will be wonderful. You will be wonderful.

Photo sources: all from google.com then edited/framed by Kathleen.
This post was inspired by Essena O'Neill after sparking a huge discussion about social media and its impacts on our generation, claiming "it is not real life".

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