24 January 2016


In November an invite was sent my way from Ted and Muffy to an event to check out their latest winter boots, I practically said yes immediately! You might be more familiar with them under their old name, DUO, who impressed us bloggers last year at their A/W 2014 event. 

Part of the reason behind the Ted and Muffy A/W 2015 event was to showcase their new brand and image. They have rebranded for a fresher look and to keep with the founders ethos that they had from the start. The Edinburgh Store was unrecognisable after updating it with a more clean and on-trend layout that looks fantastic! The boots however, have the same luxury feel and look with similar design ideas. It just seems everything has been upgraded and now is a step up from what it was!

From over the knee boots to ankle boots to pumps, there is something for everyone! The ladies know their stuff when it comes to fitting you with your dream fairytale boots and not only do they measure your legs to get the perfect fit, but they have fantastic tips and advice when it comes to your boots that you may not even think of!

The boots of the night was definitely the Freia , which is an over the knee, laced suede heel that a lot of the girls that evening fell in love with. I almost walked away with a pair myself but since the pair I got last year are black and suede, I decided to go for something a little bit different. What I call ‘Elphaba boots’ (they are really called Marvel), caught my eye and I fell in love with them instantly. And since they look a lot like the boots Elphaba wears in the broadway musical, Wicked, they drew me in even more! 

(Freia boots on the left, Marvel boots on the right)

The Marvel boots, are a knee high, brown leather boot with laces up the front and some pretty detailing on the front. And at £300, it's a dream to own a pair! 

I have to give a big thank you to Ted and Muffy and their lovely skilled fitters for a great evening and for sorting me out with a pair of winter boots, I’m sure I’ll keep making up any excuse to get my feet back into them again and again!

This is a sponsored post. All products reviewed on this page were given to me complimentary from Ted&Muffy. I only recommend products or services I try personally and believe my readers will enjoy. All opinions are my own.

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