3 April 2016


It’s Sunday, and Sunday evenings have a completely different vibe than the rest of the day. A Sunday evening is like a secret 8th day between Sunday and Monday. It's the time where the realisation of the week is over and you are soon about to step into a new one really kicks in. 
Sunday nights are for relaxing, possibly taking a warm shower or bath after a long day of hiking or running errands. You can wash away all the negativity and dirt of the last seven days and start fresh. No resentment, just relaxation. It's a time to grab your blanket, a cuppa, and let the soft voices of the music world take you somewhere else, somewhere away from this material world.

(Above playlist only available on some device platforms. View here if unavailable.)
1.Nocturne - Wild Nothing 2.Paradise - Wild Nothing 3.Skinny Love - Birdy 4.Good For me - Above & Beyond 5.Beyond Time (Ambient Mix) - Blank & Jones  6.Twilight - Blank & Jones 7.Smalltown Boy - Bronchi Beat 8.After the Moment - Craft Spells 9.Little Wanderer - Death Cab for Cutie 10.Breathe Me - Sia 11.Prelude: Take Me Back - Dogfight; The Musical 12.Sundream - Rüfüs 13.Panic Cord - Gabrielle Aplin 14.Oblivion - Bastille 15.Silence (Album Version) -Delerium, Sarah McLachlan 16.Johanna - Bobby Mackey 17.Daydream - Samuel Larsen 18.BLUE - Troye Sivan, Alex Hope 19.I’m Not That Girl - Wicked; The Musical 20.Tennis Court - Lorde 21.Acoustic #3 - The Goo Goo Dolls

It's like a #MusicMonday, but on a Sunday! 

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  1. i like the playlist very much. it´s fits for an nice bedday with tea and chocolate <3


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