16 June 2016


Just like most bloggers on the internet, I am a lover for live plants and fresh bouquets. They make perfect home decor and fantastic props in blog photographs.

But, there is something so exciting about receiving flowers in the post! Today I was sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers from OK Bouquet who are a online bouquet service who create natural, informal looking bouquets from seasonal flowers, bringing fresh market stall flowers to the online market.

The bouquet arrived in a huge branded cardboard box. The flowers are held into a well in the box containing water to keep the flowers fresh and prevent them from wilting. The box protects the flowers really well and makes it easy to carry them as there are handles on either side. However, it is quite a bit of cardboard to dispose of afterwards.

The quality of the flowers are exceptional. All of the flowers are fresh and still have a couple of days until they will develop into their full potential. There was also no damage to the leaves or flowers and no wilting whatsoever.

The bouquet sent was called “Kitty” which seemed the perfect bouquet as I had a nicknamed which was Kitty when I was younger…cringy I know. I would appreciate it if you just called me Kathleen. I also have a connection to sunflowers not just being my favourite but my Grandpay's nickname for me was ‘flower’ and they remind me of my Nanny as there is a fond memory I have in a sunflower field smelling them with her when I was a little kid. Just a little bit of back story there.

This beautiful bouquet is made up from supernova thistles, lilies, dill, Dolly Parton hypericum and baby blue eucalyptus alongside sunflowers. It is available in two sizes of large (£25.00) and deluxe (£35.00). This bouquet certainly did not disappoint.

OK Bouquet have a variety of bouquet options all within the £20 - £75 price bracket which means there is something for everyone and at a range of different prices.  You can check out the options here www.okbouquet.com. They offer a huge variety of beautiful bunched flowers for a gift or just to brighten up your house. 

This is a sponsored post. All products reviewed on this page were sent/given to me complimentary from OK BouquetI only recommend products or services I try personally and believe my readers will enjoy. All opinions are my own.

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