17 February 2017


Recently I received a super friendly email from Natalia, founder of One Drop Jewelry (US spelling), looking to send some samples and to collaborate. One Drop Jewelry is an online bohemian jewellery store dedicated to helping communities worldwide by providing safe and clean water to drink. And like the wanderlust-er inside me, those behind One Drop Jewelry love fashion and live to travel.

"Exploring our beautiful planet, seeing the wonders other countries have to offer is what we live for. Unfortunately, traveling in poor countries quickly makes you realise just how much injustice there is in our world. It also makes you feel so grateful for what you have back home: water, food and shelter; a basic necessity to most of us in the developed world, a luxury to others”. That’s when they decided to step in and help by starting One Drop Jewelry where a portion of their proceeds are donated to charities including Samaritan’s Purse and Save the Children that focus on building wells and proving clean and safe water to communities all over the world.

Their mission, “provide you with the most beautiful pieces of jewellery while helping people around the world get clean water. Together, let’s make the world a better place, one drop at a time”.

As a huge bohemian lover, I honestly fell in love with One Drop Jewelry before I even read what they do as a company and their mission. Natalia then asked me to pick out my favourite pieces that I really liked and then she would send them out to me.

First on my list was this Wanderlust Globetrotter Travel Watch. I have had my eye on one of these watches for months and now….the world is at my wrist. This is a watch made for all travel fanatics. I chose the Coffee coloured one but it is available in six other colours.
I have always had a wrist full of bracelets, and have done for at least five years. The Zack “My Boyfriend’s Bracelet” Unisex 4 Leather Bracelet Set was perfect to add to the collection. Unisex and made of leather, I knew I was gonna love these. I chose the “bracelet 3” set as it seemed slightly more colourful and feminine. I really like these bracelets but unfortunately one broke about a week after I received it, and though I was able to fix it, not long after, a different one broke and I have yet to be able to fix it. Which sucks cause I really like these bracelets.

Next was these Zoe Bohemian Inspired Cubic Zirconia Cuff Earrings. I really liked the idea of these earrings that you can wear in two styles, one dangly and the second almost like an ear-cuff. Unfortunately the earrings don't sit on my ears to wear them in the ear-cuff style, but none the less they are great value of money if you likey like, and they definitely add sparkle to any look.

One of my all-time favourite quotes on a necklace. I haven't actually worn this out yet, but definitely plan on soon. This lovely silver necklace with a compass design in the centre pendant and not all who wander are lost written around it is a great addition for all travellers and wanderers alike.

On top of sending out my favourite picks, Natalia noticed that I like the whole travel theme so she decided to send out three Estelle Wanderlust World Map Traveler Necklaces, in each colour so I can gift someone else (Look out for a giveaway real soon including one!). These are gorgeous necklaces and will add a unique touch to any outfit, casual or formal.

The items all arrived at separate times but within 3 weeks. This is because the items are shipped from different jewellery designers and manufacturers around the world so it can take up to 5 weeks for them all to arrive - but the items are worth the wait! Shipping is also free (!!) but if you want to receive your items sooner, expedited shipping will be available for a small cost very soon.

One Drop Jewelry is the online destination for where beautiful bohemian jewellery meets a great cause; providing safe and clean water to communities all around the world. It’s where you can come across unique and exclusive items that your inner hippie desires, without leaving a hole in your purse! I will definitely be looking at ordering items from One Drop Jewelry in the near future for sure! 

What’s your favourite item from One Drop Jewelry?

Please note: All products reviewed on this page were sent to me complimentary from One Drop Jewelry. I only recommend products or services I try personally and believe my readers will enjoy. All opinions are my own.

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