19 October 2017


Influenster finally arrived in the UK earlier this year which means we can finally get our hands on the famous and much loved VoxBoxes! And if you’re thinking what are VoxBoxes or what even is Influenster, then fear not, I’ll explain quickly.

Influenster is a popular reviewing site and app that allows bloggers, ‘YouTubers’, and well… influencers to share their thoughts on products as well as ask questions and read other people’s reviews. As for a VoxBox, these are boxes that contain complimentary products to be tested and reviewed. They are sent out to those who completed a survey received via email and have a good impact score. Often you will find the box is catered to your skin type, hair type and colour as well as genuine interest and product preferences. As you can imagine, this is a dream app for bloggers!

I got an email at the end of September asking me to fill out the pre-survey as I had been short-listed to receive one of the next VoxBoxes. I remember thinking there is no way I’m going to receive it, it’s my first time filling out the survey, but to my surprise, two days later the postwoman was standing at my door handing over my first ever VoxBox!

This particular VoxBox contained a number of Rimmel London products, focused mainly around the newly released Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation and concealer. It also came with the Kate Moss Moss Sculpting Palette and a Moisture Renew lipstick thrown in to finish off the look. 

I filmed my first ever First Impressions / Unboxing video covering this amazing box at the end of September (yep, took me a while to get round to uploading it), which almost kind of turned into a Natural Make-up Tutorial. Enjoy....

(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

Please note: All products reviewed in this video were sent to me complimentary. I only recommend products or services I try personally and believe my readers / viewers will enjoy. All opinions are my own.

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