1 December 2017


WHERE THE HECK HAS THIS YEAR GONE TO. After such a crap 2016 I promised myself 2017 was going to be a year of change, adventure, and positivity. Somewhere in the last 11 months I forgot 2017 was never going to last forever and bam, it’s 1st December. 

Over the last year my mind has been focused on so many other things that has been happening. I celebrated my first year of living without an organ, I was bridesmaid at my Aunties wedding, I said goodbye to my teens, I began my journey to pastel hair, I started the perfect job, I purchased the iPhoneX (my first phone I’ve bought myself!) and a whole lot of other ‘stuff’ as well which I will share at some other point.

With all this going on, I put blogging on the back burner more often than I would like to admit. With that said however, I though I should apologise for the lack of posts over the year and make up for it in the next 25 days. (No, I am not doing blogmas again this year but I have a number of Christmas themed posts coming this way!)

To kick off the 1st December, if unlike me and you’ve not been watching Christmas movies and playing Christmas music by mid-November, I have the perfect playlist that is bound to get you feeling all festive!

Like I said last year, Do They Know It’s Christmas is my all time favourite, it’s the first and last Christmas song I listen to every year. What’s your favourite Christmas song?

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