8 December 2017


I though much like Blogmas 2014, I would do the Christmas Traditions Tag again this year answering the same questions and then compare how things have changed, and even how differently I write now. Despite it being titled the Christmas Traditions Tag, I’m removing traditions from the title as I’ve noticed I don't really cover any traditions myself or my family have - something I may cover later this month. So instead, here is my updated version of The Christmas Tag :) 

When does Christmas start for you? This year I have definitely felt in the Christmas spirit since late October. Yep, and it’s was driving my friends crazy that Halloween hadn't even passed, but I tried to keep the hype at bay until mid / late November, then I let it loose.

What is one Christmas movie you have to watch? Home Alone is the first Christmas movie I watch each year, this year I watched it when it was on the TV…in October. Polar Express and Jingle Bells are another two I’ve always watched growing up (and still do!). I will definitely do a post soon covering my must watch Christmas movies, so keep an eye out!

Do you bake or buy a Christmas Cake? Personally, neither. But if you go back to the Christmas Tag I did during Blogmas in 2014, I made my first Christmas cake and looking back, I’m totally inspired to start making one each year, or at least a sponge cake with a Christmas design as I don't actually eat Christmas cake.

When do you put up your Christmas tree? 1st weekend in December usually, but I wanted to put it up early this year and instead in late November. It never happened.

Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree? Got the best of both worlds; fake one in my bedroom, real one in the living room. 2014 happened to be the last year we had a fake one in the living room if I remember correctly. 

When do you start playing Christmas music? This year, late November, though everything Christmas is in full swing from 1st December.

Do you use the same Christmas decoration every year? For the main tree we have so many, we alternate most years. Though I still buy my mum one every year, the majority of Christmas decorations have a story or memory behind them like I said in 2014. Decorations that go around the house are pretty much the same and the deckies for the tree in my room stay the same most years. (Though I'm thinking of buying new ones for next year as I have redecorated my room completely.)

How do you spend Christmas eve? It depends each year, this year I think I'm planning it to be just a whole day of Christmas movies and food. My mum is working this year on Christmas Eve so she's out between 7:30AM to 12PM then again for a few hours at 5PM. So it looks like it's just me and Lottie for the most part, but my mum will be home for the afternoon and then in the evening. I actually also plan on watching this wee Christmas film for dogs with Lottie. It's colour scheme (dogs actually see in yellow and blue!) and audio stimulus means your pup will prefer this over a human film - though we'll see as Lottie does have a few shows and films she likes so I'll have to get back to you on how this film for dogs actually compares. 

Advent Calendar no Advent Calendar? I got a new Advent Calendar this year - thanks mum! It’s still one you fill each year yourself (or by your mum in my case) but it's my favourite kind. This year I bought my mum a Beauty and The Beast one with beauty products and other ‘stuff’ behind the doors because she loves Beauty and The Beast. (Oh, it was also the first Christmas thing I bought…in September!).

Do you leave a snack out for Santa and his reindeers? Eh, no anymore. Ermm, he’s always full when he gets to my house.

How does Santa get into your house? Much like when I was growing up, the house then had an electric fire so there wasn't a gap for Santa to fit through so I believed he had a magic key to open our front door to get in. In my house now, our fireplace was 'boxed up' goodness knows how long ago, maybe like 5 years ago? So Santa obviously can't come down the chimney anymore therefore I believe he uses that magic key to get in through the door at this house too *wink*.

Mince pies, yay or nay? Not anymore :( I used to love them, but I really really reallyyyyy don't like raisins. Hence why I don't like Christmas cake either. 

Snowballs, eggnog, or mulled wine? Okay looking back at the last time I done this tag I laughed at my answer because I thought it was referring to snowballs you throw outside, but after revisiting the question I'm pretty sure it means the coconut covered chocolate things. Which the answer is still a no as I really can’t eat coconut, again because I can't stand the texture. (I’m really not as picky when it comes to food as this tag is making me sound!!). I still haven't tried Eggnog, and have no idea what it even is or where you get it here in Scotland, so if you do - let me know! And as for Mulled Wine, of course at Christmas time, just even the smell of it is just so amazing.

What scents remind you of Christmas? DEFINITELY NOT CINNAMON ANYMORE! After the Cinnamon challenge almost killed me before attempting it again and completing it, cinnamon is yet another thing that makes me gag. I like a lot of scents The Bodyshop offer around this time of year, as well as anything Vanilla or with a warm smell - if you understand what I mean by a “warm smell” haha.

How do you spend Christmas Day? Again, just depends. I spend the majority of the day with my mum, my uncle Ronald, my Nanny and obviously the pups, Lottie and Caledonia (Caley) and we have Christmas lunch / dinner and open our presents. Then in the evening the whole family gets together where we exchange presents and this is when the party starts *wink*.

You can click here to see my Christmas Tag from 2014 and see what's different or still the same! When do you put your Christmas tree up? And are you team real or artificial? 

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  1. Love your Christmas tag. This is a fun post and definitely the best time of the year :-)


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