26 May 2018


Because this is a no judgment zone, today I’m celebrating nine years since Glee first aired on TV!
Although the show didn't start broadcasting weekly until September, four months earlier on May 19th 2009 the Pilot was aired giving us a first look at the all singing, all dancing, often cheesy show.

Throughout the six seasons of the show we saw teens from different friend groups, backgrounds, and lifestyles come together and do what thy loved most; sing (and often dance). We saw a heck of a lot of songs, fake pregnancies, actual pregnancies, weddings, breakups, hookups, a tone of slushies thrown, and worst of all - death. As Sue Sylvester said; it was “a world where the quarterback becomes best friends with the gay kid, and the girl with the big nose ends up on Broadway. [It’s] finding the courage to open up your heart and sing about it. That's what glee club is”. 

In those six years, we learned a lot from Glee. Today, marking exactly nine years since it began, I want to share with you some of the things it's showed me.

You can believe in yourself even if no one else does.

You should never be afraid to voice your opinion even if it isn't the popular one. Stick up for what you believe in. 

Your weakness can easily be your greatest strength. 

It’s okay to be different. 

You can’t change your past, but you can let go and start your future. 

No matter how you’re feeling, a song can help heal you. 

You deserve respect, but so do others. 

Not getting great grades at school doesn't mean you're not smart. 

Money really doesn't buy happiness. 

You can always inspire others - like by inspiring others by showing them how inspiring they are. 

"Dolphins are just gay sharks" 

A good enemy is good to have. They push you to do better. 

You can always find the positive in a negative. 

Having a mental disorder doesn't mean that you’re damaged goods or unwanted.

Your past mistakes and regrets don't define you. 

Confidence is not the same thing as arrogance. 

Work hard for what you want. 

Getting knocked down just means you have to get right back up. 

The right thing and the hard thing are sometimes the same thing.

You’ll never be ready to say goodbye.  

Don’t ever stop believing. 

And though Glee may have ended three years ago, for us gLeeks, it will continue to live on forever! After all...

Did you watch Glee? If so what has it taught you, or what is one of your favourite lines or moments? 

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