12 December 2018


Recently Hair by JFK got in touch and asked if I’d like a free cut & blow dry or hair up in return for my honest review on their service. Of course I would have jumped to the offer, but replied with my apologies as I had my appointment at my usual hairdressers coming up in just a few days. Instead, they kindly booked my mum in to receive the haircut which was perfect as her hairdresser recently moved, and by moved I don't mean salons but out the country, so she was on the search for a reputable salon and more particularly someone who could cut curly hair.

The location of the salon is pretty convenient as it’s in the city centre, and only a short bus ride, even walk, from Princess Street. From the moment you walk into the salon it gives off a cool, edgy vibe and you will soon be sure to realise it’s also dog friendly (here’s me still wishing I took Lottie along). Andrew took my mum over to a station and started chatting about what she was looking for and asking how she usually finds her hair (if it’s often frizzy? Lacking curls? etc). I’ve never really seen a hairdresser actually chat with their client about what they are looking for. Of course the “What you wanting done today? Just a trim? No problem.” seems like a protocol but to me it really looked like Andrew was taking the time to get a feel for how my mum likes her and I was immediately impressed.

Shortly after, my mum was taken to get her hair washed. I was left wondering what on earth was taking so long as she had been gone for a good 10 minutes, to which she told me she got a hair treatment put on as well as a head massage - which she found super relaxing. When she came back through to the main part of the salon, Andrew starting cutting.

My mum has always had her doubts and issues with hairdressers and has taken years to find someone who can cut curly hair well (bonus if they can dry it as usually she leaves the salon with her hair wet so it doesn't go frizzy!). When she finally found the one, the hairdresser has came and went a couple of times, with this time having no plans on returning. Watching from the sidelines it honestly did seem Andrew captured exactly what my mum wanted and made it a reality!

Once Andrew had finished cutting, I’m sure my mum was ready to leave as she's accustomed to not getting her hair dried, but much to her surprise Andrew plugged in a little hairdryer and attached a diffuser on the end and proceeded to dry my mums hair. 

My mum walked out of Hair by JFK with a massive smile on her face, something I’ve never seen before as A) I’ve never actually went to my mum’s appointment in the past, and B) she’s never been ‘that’ happy with it. So much so, she’s planning on going back to Andrew in the new year for a trim and to see about adding some fun colours (which I think I’m more excited than her about as I’ve practically been begging my mum to join the crazy colour hair gang for a while!). 

Overall, we were both, especially my mum, were impressed by the service received and found it to be really lovely and enjoyable experience!

"Can't thank Andrew enough for the haircut, best one I've had for decades. Ecstatic to have found a new hairdresser for 2019 that knows not only how to treat curly hair but how to bring out the best in it. Thank you so much, see you in January!" - My mum.

To find out more about Hair by JFK please visit their website, www.hairbyjfk.com

This post is supported by Hair by JFK. I received this service for free, but only ever recommend products or serviced I try and believe my readers will enjoy. All views and opinions are my own.

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