2 May 2019


It’s crazy the amount of inaccurate diet and weight loss endorsed products I see popping up across all social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Ya know the rubbish I’m talking about right?

We live in a world where nearly everything we do can be done at the touch of a button. Booking a holiday, requesting a taxi, ordering food right to your door. However, our bodies and mind simply do not work like this. It’s impossible for us to physically and mentally change overnight. It instead requires consistency, healthy habits, determination, hard work, and acceptance of “fall backs”. 

Like many, I want this world to change and to become a place where people can feel confidant and beautiful in their own bodies and be able to flaunt it. A world where body positivity truly does exists and not just when it’s profitable. For our children to find their own way in the world and to be respected, supported and loved for who they are and their existence. For them to know that bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, colours and designs, abilities and genders. For that no two bodies are the same, and that is perfectly okay and is accepted and celebrated! But unfortunately in reality, too many people are choosing to profit over the idea of “perfection” and worse still, buying into it.

There’s a rising promotion of an array of pills, teas, shakes, and even lollipops which promise benefits like weight loss and a “flat tummy”. On a weekly bases I see and read about celebrities pushing such products and appetite suppressants onto their followers and fanbase which is not only just wrong and selfish, but extremely damaging. 

If you promote anything to do with any industry based on changing appearances, think long and hard about what you are really promoting. Sure, advertise what you must to pay your bills and to make that extra bit of cash, but consider how you would feel if someone who you though very highly of, who has a large following (of which a huge proportion are children and young adults) was selling that product to your child, mum, or best friend.

People are being brainwashed by someone with millions of followers, who are in great shape because they have trained daily with a world renown PT for many years, eaten well (with likely thanks to their own nutritionist and personal chef), possibly gone under the knife, used a bit of photoshop, and have been incredibly disciplined in what they do on a day to day basis. It’s unlikely when they claim they’re part way through a 7-day “teatox” that they even attempted one day, same goes when they pose in their kitchen holding a shake that’s apparently replacing their lunch for the next month. I presume they make up the shake, pose for a photo (or 200 and select the best few) and after they get the ‘perfect image’, down the drain it goes. Think about if Kim Kardashian West was to follow each plan for every product she endorsed. Her body would be starved of much needed nutrients and energy, she would be stuck on the toilet with the sh*ts, and could quite potentially develop life long digestion issues. 

Celebrities are not daft when it comes to their own health and lifestyle; no endorsement is going to disrupt that. However, they seem to enjoy profiting on other peoples vulnerabilities as in this specific industry brands profit from your insecurities and the guilt you feel. Don’t be sucked in by celebrities or influencers who have been paid a significant fee to promote products which simply do not work and will cause damage to your mind and body. It’s just a laxative or appetite suppressant in nicely designed packaging which looks pretty sitting on your counter in the kitchen.

Considering celebrities as role models, people believe what is portrayed in the advertisements is real, even with #ad somewhere in the caption. They only ever rant and rave about the positives that they have apparently experienced in the short time they have “used” the product in which they claim to loose a good few pounds without making a single change to their diet or lifestyle. What sort of message is this giving people?!

By reaching for such pills, teas, shakes and even candies, we are immediately reaching out for a “quick fix” option without addressing the underlying issues in hopes to achieve the same “perfect” results. At the same time we are unconsciously preparing ourselves to be let down. 

Nothing in life is perfect. No shake can create perfection, no appetite suppressant lollipop can create perfection, no detox tea can create perfection. Nothing will ever be perfect, especially in this industry where they will always keep lifting the bar. Perfection doesn’t exist and nor does the “perfect body”. Be kind to your body, be kind to yourself, and don’t waste your time trying to be something you weren’t born to be.

By taking these kind of products it can actually be extremely dangerous as our bodies are not meant to have them as part of a balanced diet - in fact, a lot of these products you see promoted should be completely avoided. They encourage us down the path to a very unhealthy relationship with food and with our own body. There is nothing that a “weight loss shake”, “detox tea” or some “flat tummy pill” can do for you that a well balance diet won’t do better.  

Celebrities are exploiting their reach and platform by pushing such get-thin-quick products to their followers and fanbase. I’m more aware of this across Instagram (perhaps because it’s all I tend to use) where 59% of users are between the ages of 18-29 and 72% of teenagers use the platform. Celebrities and accounts with huge followings are taking the health of people into their hands unknowingly and causing so much harm - and the worst part? They don’t seem to give a crap about what they are doing or even bat an eyelid when they get called out for it. 

One of my favourites. Nice one Scott.

Do you think those who promote these teas, shakes, etc would give them to their kids when they reach their teens? If the answer is yes, there lies a definite problem, but if the answer is no, there is still very much a problem as they are using their status and power to promote them but clearly don’t give a toss about the consequences and damage caused by both the advertisement and the products for others.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sponsored posts - I’ve done a few myself and will continue on doing so. And though it’s extremely unlikely I will ever be at the same position of power as a lot of these celebrities, I am always cautious about what I post, promote and the affect it will have on every single person. If I don’t try it myself, enjoy and like the product, believe in the product and truly love the brand… I will not promote it. I will always be 110% honest and transparent with my followers and readers.

Taken minutes apart, hair down, better lighting, different posture, facing camera. Not fooling anyone.

Everyone has a responsibility to protect the mental health of each other, especially young people. Everyone has a responsibility to promote body confidence and that the idealised body image does not exist. Everyone has a responsibility to support and love one another for who they are regardless of aesthetics. How are we expected to put out the fires if others keep lighting the matches and brandishing the lighters?

These bullsh*t pills, teas, shakes, and even candies only help you to lose the pounds from your bank account whilst also costing you your health. It’s about time to say enough is enough to these false promotions that are causing so much damage. One way to deal with this is to ban celebrity endorsements of such product promotions. This would address the issue of misleading weight loss advertisements and will help stop people from feeling like they are not good enough, worthy enough, skinny enough, fit enough and so on which can cause long term damage.

I get it can help as a little source of income on the side, but to celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, is the money more worthy than the health of millions of people, majority being young women? Just a thought.

I know that I don’t have many followers in comparison, but with the passion I have for discovering self-worth and supporting others, I know together we can make a change. 

A few others have spoken out already about this issue, including Jameela Jamil who has created this petition that you can sign to show your support! Let's put an end to "this nonsense new culture by stopping those with the most influence from being able to freely spread lies and irresponsible, ignorant, nonsense, to their vulnerable young followers"!

Like...what the heck even is thaaaat?

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