Sometimes emotions can become difficult to handle and overwhelming. When I was younger I struggled deciphering how exactly I felt which lead me to that dark place we hear others talk about but never want to go to ourselves. I didn't know how to vent, or deal with the mix of emotions and feelings. Anger, sadness, fear, worry, excitement, happiness. It would get too much.

Five years ago, I began speaking to someone about my feelings and what I was putting myself through. I had just turned 15 and I had been in a constant battle with myself to the point my mum realised the extent and insisted I spoke to someone who could help. I turned to my guidance teacher at school who had supported me through a lot before. He referred me to a counsellor who came into the school each week and within a week or so, I was making my way along the corridor every Thursday to speak to someone I had never met before.


Courtney Act. Oh my goodness, where to start? I absolutely love her.

Like every year, when Celebrity Big Brother comes to our television, I have no interest or intent to watch it. I barely even watch television, but when I do, it’s for shows such a RuPaul’s Drag Race and Once Upon A Time. Like many who watch Drag Race, I have my all-time favourites such as Alaska, Willam, Sharon Needles…Courtney Act. So when I heard Shane Jenek (a.k.a Courtney Act) would be entering the house, you bet I got all hyped up - majorly - and tuned into CBB straight away!

After falling in love with Shane / Courtney Act on RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2014, I’m so glad to see Shane taking the opportunity on CBB to educate the other housemates - and the whole public - on a range of issues surrounding gender fluidity, sexuality and identity politics. In the space of a couple of days Courtney Act went viral and has become a favourite for not just the mishap of an entrance with her skirt falling to the ground…twice, but for explaining the spectrums of sexuality and gender so perfectly.


Happy New Year! I hope you had a really great Christmas and Hogmanay! 

The time of year is upon us where people are in the whole ‘new year, new me’ phase, but not me! Nope. Honestly, 2017 was the best year for me since 2014, if not in my whole life. Which is a coincidence as 17 has been my lucky number since I was seven and has definitely proven it's luck! In the last year I have felt much happier and felt I had a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I no longer felt I was just going through life surviving. Why would I want to change now? Instead, this year I’m focused on improving.

With that being said, I have set myself some resolutions to stick at throughout the year (and no, it doesn't include ‘join a gym’…I already done so about three years ago). These aren't just my New Year resolutions, but also some are from my ’20 things to do at 20’ list I created when I turned… you guessed it, 20, but never got round to sharing them - so some of the following I hope on ticking off by August 28th.


I though much like Blogmas 2014, I would do the Christmas Traditions Tag again this year answering the same questions and then compare how things have changed, and even how differently I write now. Despite it being titled the Christmas Traditions Tag, I’m removing traditions from the title as I’ve noticed I don't really cover any traditions myself or my family have - something I may cover later this month. So instead, here is my updated version of The Christmas Tag :) 


WHERE THE HECK HAS THIS YEAR GONE TO. After such a crap 2016 I promised myself 2017 was going to be a year of change, adventure, and positivity. Somewhere in the last 11 months I forgot 2017 was never going to last forever and bam, it’s 1st December.