20 March 2014

How is taking a 'no make-up selfie' helping to cure cancer?!

How is taking a selfie without make-up helping to cure cancer? Im sure, just like myself, many are wondering the exact same!
Recently social media (Especially Facebook) have been flooding with 'Nek Nominations' and now...a new phase has risen. The 'No make-up Selfie'.   

So how did this all starts?
Well, apparently a few days ago a man said he would donate 25p for each and every woman who uploaded a 'selfie' of themselves wearing no make-up.  And soon, just under two days of him posting that, women all over the world and all ages started to get involved. 
This week my news feed has been filled with photos of bare faced girls, all naturally beautiful, trying to raise awareness. Not only that but I have also spotted people questioning the whole point of this - saying that they should be donating to charity themselves instead of posting these pointless photos. But with that said are they missing the point? As the aim is to raise awareness of cancer charities and campaigns and not the money. By getting everyone to post these selfies it is getting people talking about cancer and raising the though of the charities that are out there that need help! 
How many people out there do you think donated to a cancer charity (e.g.- cancer research) after seeing what is happening on social media sites, in particular, Facebook? I reckon a lot of people did, and are still continuing to donate.

Whilst it can be annoying to have your feed flooded with similar things to what everyone is uploading, it has encouraged people to donate and increase awareness!

Although spreading awareness is amazing, fundraising and donating is vital and everyone should be willing to donate, even those who are not uploading a make-up free picture of themselves. So text BEAT to 70099 and donate!

If raising awareness in this way gets us one step closer to a cure for this terrible disease, I would go make-up free for the rest of my life...possibly ;)

REMEMBER! As much as you look beautiful without make-up on, and raising a great deal of awareness, please don't stop there and donate £3 by texting BEAT to 70099 now!

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  1. I think this is a great idea, I think it's disappointing though that some people are posting the images with no real understanding of the work Cancer research does and also without donating! I don't know if you take the selfie and donate that's great but just taking a selfie defeats the point :) money talks!



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