18 April 2014


WOW...I don't know what to say. I cant believe that I have reached 300 followers. It seems insane that I only started blogging on the 22nd February this year and within under 2 months I'm writing a blogpost on 300 followers. I never imagined that my blog could grow to this size and its hard to contemplate that 300 followers (On Bloglovin' alone) are interested in reading these little ramblings.
I seem to be thanking you all the time but I think you really deserve a massive thank you!

This blog has been a great way for me to network and share ideas from monthly favourites to the highly read 'Music Monday'. I have met so many wonderful bloggers and look forward to continuing my journey in the blog world. 
I love doing this and without all of you it wouldn't be as much fun. There are so many of you that take the time to write comments on my blog which I am really thankful for as I love to read them and this really keeps me going. 
Like I said I am so grateful for all your support and especially my family and friends! When I published my first blog post  I wasn't that sure if it was something I was going to be passionate about, but now I can say it is and I will definitely keep going with it.

Finally, I just want to apologies with the lack of uploads recently. Its been a very busy month so far. I have had revision to do, homework (urgh) and I have also just came back from a trip where I was away from home for 4 days. I hope sometime in the near future I will do a blog post on that but like I said, I'm extremely busy with revision and also very aware its Easter on Sunday so fingers crossed I get a post out then, not to mention Music Monday (Which this week I'm really excited to write!).

I thank every single one of you, as without you this would not be possible. The support, comments and views are just incredible. Thank you sooooo much.

Look forward to posting soon but until then- Goodbye!

-Kathleen xo

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