30 July 2014

Tips to successful blogging!

It has only been five months since I decided to start a blog myself and realised how hard it is to get yourself out there when there are already so many big blogs around. For a moment it felt like this was going to be a waste of time. That I was going nowhere and would achieve nothing. I though, how do you compete with bloggers with 1000, 5000, 10000+ followers? Though there is no right or wrong answer, there are a few pointers that I've managed to get along the way and thought it was only right I share them since I have been asked a lot. I am by no means saying I am someone who knows it all, just someone who is a new blogger herself and wanting to share some useful tips. So here it goes...

1) Network, Network, Network!
This may seem like an obvious tip but you'd be surprised how much networking has helped me get my blog out there. It is not even just about getting your blog out there though. You have to see it as an opportunity for you to have a conversation with people who love the same types of things you do, get into reading other blogs and chatting to the founders and writers of blogs. For example, if you have Facebook join blogger groups.  There is usually a conversation going on but I will warn you that these chats leave you with about a hundred additions to your wish list. Another way is exchanging links with people. This is another way to get yourself out there- if you do not promote your own blog, nobody else will. When commenting on other blogs, you could leave the link to your blog at the end. But as a side note, all those people who you've spammed to follow you may not necessarily read your blog afterwards- so do not get too hung up on this, and remember, let your blog grow 'organically'

2) Good Content
It is your blog so do what ever you want to do with it. Your content does not have to be the same as everyone else's. Think about what you would like to read and try to put that into your blog. Make it as formal or informal as you want it to be. Reading other blogs can also help give you ideas on what you want to write. Make sure your posts are well written and the spelling/grammar is correct as there are quite a few spelling/grammar critics in the blogging world! Make sure you do not go off too much on a tangent and decide on how long you want your posts to be, even though I have found that myself to be a challenge, but over time it does get easier.  If you do decide to have slightly longer posts, I would advise you break it up with some pictures along the way. Another idea is that if you are reviewing a product, remember to put all key information in there- if you wanted to read a review of a product, what would you want to know? And again, don't forget to separate the info with photos of the product. Over time you will slowly start to get people revisiting your blog and starting to follow.

3) Good Photos
In an ideal blog post, I personally think clear, good quality photos are best. Though I don't believe you need a high tech camera to do so, something as simple as your phone will be as good. I think that adding a photo or two entice more people into reading your post. Your photos do not have to be that of a professionals with a crisp clean, flawless white background. Why not try your desk, bedsheets, wallpaper samples, flooring or even the grass sitting outside in your garden. Take photos in good light- this can be hard sometimes, however, I have found that taking a good set of blog photos in the morning or early afternoon really helps. Though if for some reason this isn't the best option for you, try moving around a table lamp. Though this wont give as good results it still will turn out great!  If I have organised the posts I want to do for the next week or two, I try to take photos before writing the post which can save me having to run around last minute. Once photos are taken, it is likely that you will need to edit them. Again, me being into photography and editing, I have quite a few editing programs, softwares and apps both on my iPhone and mac so depending on what needs to be done to the photo, that will depend on what I use.

4) Stay Organised
This is one of those things that may seem obvious but it is key to getting your blog off to the right start. Of course, it all depends on where you see your blog going. However, you wouldn't be blogging unless you wanted at least one person to even read it. It is important that you have some sort of schedule for when you will post something. Though don't feel subject to it and feel that each deadline has to be met as I soon realised after starting my blog that it was going to be hard to maintain. Back in late February when I first started blogging, I would find it rather easy to publish a new post every day however, my school and personal life has since gotten slightly crazy with exams, revision and the life of a teenager so now I try to post at least twice a week which is more feasible and doesn't mess my readers around so much. I also think it is important to have your posts planned out- it does not have to be the next sixth months worth of posts but I feel like at least the next week or so. 

5) Social Media
Simple but effective. By signing up to different social media sites - particularly Instagram and Twitter - your audience will grow as you keep followers up-to-date with what you post but just make sure that you link everything up with your blog so people can find what you are talking about and don't have to go searching for it (which people are less likely to do).

6) Advertising
Many blogs have advertising available. I think it is careful to select who you are going to advertise with as many bloggers offer different rates for different advertising so make sure that you follow out the appropriate research. The negative side of that is that it can be rather costly and would be a slight disappointment if you don't the visitors you want to your blog. That is why there is a scheme floating around called 'Ad swaps'. This is super handy if you are like me and don't want to pay for advertisement. This allows other bloggers to promote your blog on their website and in return you do the same for them. This way you know you are not going to be scammed and you are reassured that all your readers are legit. I would also make sure you have a blog button available as often some bloggers will ask for blog buttons to put in their sidebar as part of the ad swap.

7) Persevere 
Though it can be hard not to get upset and frustrated when your blog is not going where you want it to or something has gone wrong or not working out, but at moments like these you have to sit down and remember why you started blogging and possibly even take a few days out to chill and even gather more ideas and find inspiration. Talk to others and see what they would like to see on your blog -whether its your gran, best friend or even just a complete stranger that reads your blog. Confidence is easily spotted through blog posts, so if you have no passion or are just writing something because you feel you have to no doubt, people will see it. Remember things do not happen overnight so don't get frustrated and continue doing your own thing. Just remember that your blog is your place to be you.

I hope these tips have helped anyone reading this who is starting out and also for anyone who feels like their blog isn't going where they would like it to go. I also love coming across both new and old blogs so please feel free to drop your link down below in the comments or send a wee tweet or so and I will check them all out and share any blogs that I love! 


  1. Great post, thanks for the tips :) I'm also fairly new to blogging and sometimes wonder if it is a waste of time but I guess as long as you enjoy doing it that's all that matters and it just takes time! Lovely blog btw :)
    x x x


  2. I would defo say persevere. I'm my own worst enemy and I have a constant battle of comparing myself to other blogs which is so annoying! Keep going!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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  3. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa


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