5 August 2014

Commonwealth Games 2014!

17 sports. 11 days. 1 place to be.

I was very lucky to get a ticket, along with five other family members, to attend the athletics on DAY 9 of the Commonwealth Games so of course how could I not write a post on it...eventually. Not to add, what a great first outing for my camera (Canon 70D), that I just bought a day or so before hand!

Relatives racing to get to Hampden Park ;)

Unfortunately you could only purchase the maximum of four tickets at a time so therefor my aunty bought two lots of three. Once we arrived, the stadium was filled with great vibes flowing throughout from person to person. It was such an awesome feeling. 
Despite thinking we were going to end up in crappy seats, my cousin Dylan, aunty Katrina and myself ended up being 4 rows from the front whilst my mum, nanny and my aunty Pam was a few rows behind us. Well, maybe more than just a few rows but thats not important. In fact. None of this is really that important.

Nevertheless, here is a brief overview of what I seen that day in Glasgow...
The view from our seats was amazing! 
#Commonwealthie ;-)
Glasgow 2014 carried one of the most important legacies and the buzz that surrounded the Commonwealth Games across the country. The excitement that was carried through all communities across the city, from employers to children, from volunteers to the athletes, the thrill that was created from this event has and will continue to make its mark on Scotland for many generations to come. For many people, especially the Scots, it has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the games at home and experience what is on offer. This has been the biggest sporting and cultural event that Scotland has hosted and all the work that organising partners have put in over the past seven years have truly paid off.

Whilst England comes first following Australia, Canada and Scottyland(!!!) we have to keep in mind that the Games are always more than just the medals - "It's a catalyst for regeneration, innovation and a lasting legacy".

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