13 December 2014


It is every child's dream to get invited along to a tea party with the Mad Hatter. Lucky for me, a couple of weeks ago I did! This bloggers event was hosted at the White Stuff shop on George Street, Edinburgh which was the perfect location!
I was super excited when I got the invite as I had never went into the shop before but heard all sorts about it, especially their changing rooms! I have however, visited their website a few times, even just to 'window shop', because I love the style of their clothes and they seem very well made. When I entered the shop I instantly loved it. Everything was so unique and quirky yet cool with a range of clothing in different textures, patterns and colours.

Now. Their changing rooms. Oh wow. They were inspired by The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe which you could probably guess as from the outside they just look like standard wardrobes but as you pull open the door you realise that what lurks behind them is so much quirkier than what's expected. To get the real feel for how awesome they actually are, you need to go and personally check out each and every one as they each have their own theme.
Cera having a wee party with herself in the disco themed changing room. 
If that wasn't wicked enough, there are free sweets on offer for customers and dog treats for our K9 friends who are more than welcome in the store too! (Definitely taking Lottie to The White Stuff for a visit!)
When I arrived I didn't expect anything as awesome as what there was. Platters of sandwiches, cakes and treats all laid out for us on a long table, (fake) grass, massive playing cards scattered about and of course...the March Hare. I definitely think that they captured the essence of the Mad Hatters theme perfectly.

JustBe Botanicals were also at the event. They offer a range of natural products that are all handmade in Scotland. I had came across their website a wee while ago but had never purchase anything from them. We got to taste their herbal tea and the different kinds of aromatherapy chocolate which was surprisingly yummy!

It was such a fantastic night and just incase they felt like they hadn't spoilt us enough, we also got a goody bag to take home which included a lovely scarf, book (my next read!), lip balm and a few other things.

I can't wait to get wearing this gorgeous scarf and hopefully do a OOTD post including it and also snuggle up with Lottie and my duvet whilst reading The Carriage House by Louisa Hall (which sounds really good after reading the blurb!). I look forward to revisiting this store again but with Lottie and my mum too!

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